Sunday, July 30, 2006


Out there somewhere on the moor
I see a man lurking in the shadows
Eyes glistening and fear written all over his face
He mopped his brow and continued his work at a hare's pace

Burning with curiosity I inched forward,a Lantern in hand
In the prevailing darkness I could figure out he was digging the land
The terrain was ragged and it was a steep climb up the hill
Somewhere there was the man on the tor & the moon behind him standing still

Heart beating faster I inched closer to the stranger
Seeing the shovel and knife in hand I sensed danger
A sense of overwhelming dé·jà vu was all that I was feeling
And it heightened into a climax which sent my senses reeling

He was digging a grave for the person he had slain
When he turned to look back there was only fear and pain
His features his gait all seemed familiar and striking
I was stunned I was looking at a mirror and that moment of truth sent my hair spiking

Hands trembling & trying to touch him I asked "Who are You?"
"You are me and I am You"

Looking down into the grave I saw in horror to see myself lying dead
What was I doing there when I was supposed to be lying on the bed

I realised I had sold my soul and was digging my own grave doing things I hated
The truth dawned upon me and for this I must thank 1 man before the feeling gets abated
And there far beyond I see him guiding me - "THE MAN ON THE TOR"