Saturday, October 29, 2005


Cricket is my Religion and Sachin is my God.Well u wud've seen all such banners when u go to watch a cricket match involving India.It's the same with me also and my God is back and he is back in spanking fashion.If anything was more eagerly awaited than Diwali it was Sachin's comeback.The way he has done it calls for some extra crackers n add to the pollution.But seriously it atleast calls for a Vodka.Wat 2 say about a man who has made ppl cry, laugh and when the ball misses the bat on those rare occasions it does the entire country is on the edge.He makes people like me to pray.Yes ladies and gentlemen Sachin is back n he is back with a bang.And as they say Ganguly's absence seems to be the icing on the cake.More than Sachin coming back or Rahul taking over I think it is ganguly's absence which seems to be the real fillip for this team.I hope it stays this way unlike those days where a Ganguly fart wud also make headlines.Each time a wicket fell the opposition bowlers wud be licking their lips in anticipation on wat is to come.I think Ganguly of late has contributed to other teams rather than his.It's not like the SMS jokes in which he leaves in a hurry.He jumps,cries,wails,shouts and happily consumes atleast 45 balls for those 20 runs of his.Agreed that he played a pivotal role in getting India back on track but it has come a whole cycle n it's time to step the rot.I think Atapatu might be cursing Rahul silently for not picking Saurav as he cud find himself in Ganguly's position if the current series is any indicator.

On the personal side it has been very disappointing as I have 9 days of leave and am not able to go 2 Chennai to meet my friends.Rain has really wreaked havoc in these parts.I think Hyd has taken the cue from Chennai and all trains are being cancelled or their travel time is long enuf to celebrate ur honeymoon.I think any newly married chicks take my advice and go for a trip to anywhere but it shud be thru Andhra.The cheapest way to celebrate honeymoon.Well take on look at this

Just have a look at the way the street has been completely inundated.That wud be a cool place to set up dinner.I dont know why it's always like this in India.Either it rains so heavy that u have to pee every hour or it doesnt rain at all n under the heat ur made to sweat.I guess this is the reason for goitre in the country.Excessive loss of salt-loss of Iodine.A poet gets disturbed by his surroundings.The same has happened with me.But even in b/w all this I can manage a small smile n sense of triumph.Thank you for the entertainment-Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.
signing off

Monday, October 24, 2005

one night @ the call center

Well u guessed it pretty right.I was waiting for this book and I had read somewere on the net that it wud be releasin on oct 25 ,so naturally I was surprised when I got a call from my friend saying that he has purchased it.There was such an urge in me,I dont think I'll have this sort of a drive even before my first night.But screw that guy who has building bridges,filling cement and screwing my mouth.Ya I was at the dentist and had to contain myself.Once the ordeal had finished I just Vroomed on my activa straight into Odyssey n got hold of my catch like a bounty hunter.

Just tell me how would u feel when ur dressed up like a king for the party of ur life and ur stuck in traffic due to rains and get drenched all over or better when ur peacefully reading The Hindu in the loo ur dad knocks bang on the door and ur peace is ruined.Sadly that's how I felt when I finished reading the book.I would thank my dad if he screamed at me for reading this at the loo.It starts of in brilliant fashion in the typical chetan bhagat way.Lots of crisp comments n crystal clear way of putting things and giving a definite dose of trying to peep into a woman's mind.All these were the characteristics of his previous book.They definitely are there here.The first 225 pages exactly to say present the reader a wonderful exhibtion of creative writing.But from then on no one exactly knows wat's happening around neither did he I suppose.People do have their beliefs but the climax was turned into something which Ramanand Sagar would have been proud of.I think Ekta Kapoor is already itching to make a movie n screw every Indian.Gosh a movie wud be better instead of a soap.It is a story about 6 people working in a call centre their struggle,their ambition,their helplessness everything brilliantly told .I just wish those 40 pages werent there.Making a movie were everything is shown in frames n were one scene co-relates to another like Pulp Fiction and any of Mani Rathnam's movies is in itself a great art of telling a story.And imagine to write in suuch a fashion.It's almost unbelievable.It seems to come so naturally to him.He has got such control over his craft.Anyways I dont want to tell anything more n spoil ur mood.U ppl must be already cursing me n some might have already thought of crucifying me but it's definitely worth a read the first 224 pages.Well after that it's upto u.Anyways do read n temme how it is.And dont forget my blogs in between all this.
signing off

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Today was a real nice day .No office,but like a fool woke up early to realise it was a saturday n returned to my slumber n happily woke up at 10.My dad asked me 2 do a strange thing today.I was asked to attend the parent teacher meeting at my bro's school.I always wanted to have a look at his school-Little Flower Junior College n yaa I was damn happy to speak the typical elder brother style.He was throwin such looks at me for screwing him there.I still remember these happenings wen I was at school.Ok Ok I wont get bak 2 school.But I definitely have to speak about my family tree.I was thinkin about something to write,then it struck me y dont I continue the nomenclature part of my story.

Anyone who doesnt know my roots just scroll down n u'll find one blog on Initial.Yaa my dad's birth place was Thiruvaiyaru.A quite village with no roads n limited electricity near Tanjore.Well it has a changed a bit u have roads,by roads I mean Roads between pitholes.So anyone wanting to test their driving skills r welcome.But yaa as the climate started to get hot here my mom wud punish us by taking us every summer to Chennai.Chennai is a place were u sweat more than u pee.My mom's famiy was a moderate one with she being the eldest n 3 bro's n a sis to follow.I still remember making my uncle mad every time to take me 2 exhibition,rajnikanth movie and ofcourse beach.Thinking about all that god I cannot imagine the things I have done eating everyone's brain out.Man children r very cute n I love playing with them but 2 think if in future I add to this small population by some numbers n they all turned out 2 be more worse than me.whoa.Tha's 2 much 2 think of.I loved going out on walks with my grandpa.He got me Matka Kulfi always.He was the only person who cud tolerate me even though I named him appu-It was the elephant which was the symbol of Asian game which took place at New Delhi in 1987 I think.Come every summer my mom dragged me along with her and v used to cover the length and breadth of Tamilnadu.

My dad's family was a big one.They were a total of 7.I shud say 5 now.Couple of them have ceased to exist.But yaa they were n are a typical brahmin household u can find.Every year I used to go 2 my village my uncle wud b thrilled to c me.It was a typical village u cud find ppl shitting on the roads n if u knew them they wud coolly even say a hi to u.Most of the morning was spent in sitting before puja n praying n stuff.There never was a shortage of sound at that place.All my cousins wud b there n I as usual was the only person playin spoilsport always.Every year at that place u had a festival called SAPTHASTHANAM .For around 10 days the place wud be very colourful with ppl pulling big chariots all around the village.I loved the elephant rides there.But whoever wants to try that be careful wear pants not shorts 'cos the elephant's hair wud poke u right into ur crotch.Many a time have I been a victim of the elephant crotch syndrome.OOH I shudnt be sayin all this god knows wat the girls r thinking about me now.The best thing was the foos there.U name the variety u wud find it.And another thing was all my uncles names ended with an "AN".Even my dad's.Now this has nothing to do with ANNIYAN.I always loved munching the Black halwa which was sold for 25p n the THEN MITAAY meaning honey chocolate.And anoher thing common there was Paneer Soda.Not many at Hyd know of the existance of such a drink.No its definitely not better than Vodka but its a worth a gulp at the cost of a BACKFIRE.And I forgot to mention it, I used to look so handsome those days no braces around,wearing shorts smaller than the one's Saif wears n hair like Fido Dido.Anyways that was a bit about my native place n a bit about my family.Drop in ur comments as u always have.
signing off
P.S.:I got my passport and u know wats my name there ASHIWIN SUNDAR THIRUVAIYARU.Now will anyone tell me wat shud I do to correct this.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well this was the blog I had been waiting to put up for quite some time.Eagerness to blog is directly proportional to joblessness.But I dint blog for a week or so in the middle that doesnt mean all my sweat and blood had dried up but as I had mentioned before it was due to BSNL'S outstanding dial up connection that I cudnt put up this blog.Hurrah broadband has atlast arrived at home.But even then it's just like the Indian cricket team ,whoever be the captain we would be proud losers.It took me 30 min to upload this 2Mb foto.But I hope this is a new start as far as my net connection is concerned.

All of u can c the foto I guess unless ur naturally blind like me.Anyways that is wat the tamilians call golu.Every year during the festival of Navaratri it is a tradition for many tamilians esp. Brahmins to put up everything they have ,mainly dolls in a series of steps.As the tradition goes it shud be only in odd numbers starting from 3.It goes upto 15.Again the no of steps put is directly proportional to the joblessness of the women in the Brahmin household.U must have got a faint idea as to wat my mom must be doin now.This year it was pretty small only 5 steps.Generally she is around the inverted nose mark-Seven.But as u can c my mom is a real businesswoman.The first thing u'll notice wen u c the foto is Tupperware.In this way she has managed to pump up her sales during these 10 days in the pretext of calling all women for golu.But anyways she does her creativity take all forms during these 10 days.U can c that chariot on the extreme left corner yup that was her creation.And on the floor she has created a park n sows some seeds also in them n they on constant watering blossom into some plant not yet known to biologists.It grows only at Flat no.403.But it tastes pretty ok.My mom remains busy most of the time,so wenever I am hungry I jus go n graze around there.

The best thing about Navaratri is supposed to be Dandiya.Being a Tamilian I have the pleasure of seeing many b'ful aunties n their more b'ful daughters fill my home with their presence.And I make sure that I am there at home gawking at them.Hmmm coming to Dandiya.The first time I managed to shrug off my social inhibitions n hit the dance floor was wen I was in 9th.I had gone to some Gujarati samaj for Dandiya n wow at that age were every female looks b'ful ,it was Ashwin In Wonderland.Lots of Gujarati Pottis doing the hip n the hop.And so immediately I jumped into the cordon and started to use the sticks as if they were lathis in a policeman's hand.And ya at some time I was bound to make contact ,no not with the sticks but on some female.I swung them with all my might only to find them go n strike a woman in her mid 40's straight on her forehead.She gave me a look which matched that of a person who hasnt done her motions for atleast 10 days.And as it happens wen a woman is hurt the manliness in every man comes to the fore.I was asked 2 leave unceremoniously by a man who resembled a sewage cleaner.Alas that was it I had to back out n after that the next chance I got to make amends was at Aurangabad again but this time my dad n mom were around so I behave d like a good boy and made the exit.

I was jus praying for one for more chance jus like the way Saurav is doin now for a place in the team n yo after 5 years it fell staright into my lap.There was this Dandiya dhamaal at my office.After hours of hard work one needed this.N I was shocked wen I saw that the entire corporate strength were trying to squeeze themselves onto a small ground.As fast as relief items disappearing during an earthquake,the sticks for dancing were gone.And as usual pride wounded I was watching silently as many ppl were forging relations n having a ball.Alas I thought it wud be a DIL HI DIL MEIN or better said Kadhalar Dhinam in Tamil were me the hero dancing like the wind wud find a heroine, if not Sonali atleast a Munniamma.But am not jealous of that guy kunal.Guys like him can find gals like Sonali only on the net.But as the event proceeded it seemed like a buffalo bathing exercise rather than dandiya n the DJ was doin one f***** up job of playin balle balle mundiya soniya stuff.But I had to prove to the world even I was a Homosapien made of blood a.k.a Nirmal Shekar.So I let my social side dominate n there I was dancing like Shammi Kapoor, my bellowy hair cutting thru everyone.Due to subdued body movements and an increasing waistline I was damn tired n wat did I achieve doin all this in the end?I puked everything 'cos I jumped so much and wasted 72 bucks on an auto to take me home.Well someone plzz teach me Dandiyaa.
signing off

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well I donno the exact term for wat I am gonna say.No it isnt Writer's Bloc.The thing is I have a topic n I have the necessary resources also for putting up another stupid blog.But the lesser I speak about BSNL dial up connection the better I think it wud be.So after desparately putting lots of man hours over the last week on sendin a mail via BSNl I have given up n given up the topic too.The only thing which would be resolved in a flash was LOGOUT.I donno how did that happen.So after cursing my system,BSNl connection n my stupidness at not even having winzip and proudly working on a system which boasts of having windows98 I took my mind off n went to attend a dance program.U guessed it right, yes I put up another splendid show of Ignorance.It was a dance program performed by my friends sister.N yo like an expert I announced in a calm way-she dances Bharatnatyam very well.My friend gave me one of his SHUT UR MOUTH looks n told me that it was Kuchipudi.Well wat the hell,I dint find a difference nor can I, it's like asking a Musquito to bite correctly on ur ass.None the less I got bored as I usually do n got into a conversation with one of my junior who studied at my school.

Hmmm my journey towards attaining wisdom started at the age of 3 when I was put into a school called Cluny.I remember as a kid, finger in my mouth catching hold of my mom's pallu I went crying to school.But whoa I stopped crying immediately when a girl called Rosy came n sat next 2 me n started to speak 2 me.That was the only time I think in my life had a girl volunteered to sit beside me leave alone talking.After that it was like a seesaw, the moment I went and sat beside a female yo she wud pop out.Guess it was my sweat.Even now I think it is.And after that I entered into a reallly reputed school which boasted of having 2 branches.I was in the branch which cud support only till 5th std.But I fell so much in love with that school that I tried my level best to flunk in my 5th grade.But fate had it's say and I was promoted.The thing I hated 2 go to the other school was it ,was lying in some jungle and access to that jungle was only by school bus which wud arrive sharply at 7:00 in the morning to disturb my wet dreams.Yaa I had realised by then that other than trees n buildings there was soemthing called girls to look at.Although telling it in public in school was considered a sin.The moment I got down from the bus I cud hear a bee buzzing in my ear.No it was my HM who had slapped me for pushing another guy while getting down. I was thrilled at seeing a huge campus where I cud run around without the fear of my shorts fallin down or being pulled by someone else.In 1 month itself I was made class monitor.Class monitor is a psycho who derives pleasure seeing his fellow mates beaten up for no good reason.Talkin loudly,eatin during class,talkin2 girls-How dare he do that wen I myself didnt.Anything u cud find like eating with others spoon,giving wrong answers wen teacher asks something,the class monitor has to make a note down n the more he collects the more pleasure.In between all this the biggest sin of them all was giving shakehand 2 a girl.It wud bring down a fatwa.All the class boys were united on this front n the person involved in such activities were shunned from the boys community.Obvious the girls also wudnt accept him so poor guy was left somewere in the middle.

Another thing about school was each one tryin to impress the teacher in the hope that u wud be awarded more marks n someday wud land up as some house captain.But all that dreams were shattered wen my teachers drove home the point that I wasnt born for studying n getting marks.N the parent teacher meeting wud ignite the psychic intent of every teacher.I cud see the burning desire in every teacher of myn.They were vociferous in their attacks against me n my dad wud coolly nod his head n take me home.We wud laugh over their musings.The name of my school was D.A.V. Public ISKOOL that was the way the cleaners wud pronounce it.V had a peculiar way of speakin at skool "Arre chimping,Oh shining" all this was used wen someone wore a new dress or got a new scale anything new even a new GF.And the biggest bad words at skool were ur bummm,ur penn.The stress is on m and n.V loved playin KhoKho at skool.Y we loved it was most of the times girls n boys used to play it together n v wud kick the girls as hard as v cud n shout "Kho".That was the only occasion were u cud a touch a girl without thinking n blinking twice.The worst time to be at shool was during Raakhi.Girls all of a sudden would surround u like bees n in the most pleasin manner tie it n go away.There were 4 groups in my skool.No I wont tell their names u'll curse me even more .As usual I tried hard but always won only the participating certificate.But as we started to grow there were lessons in biology which started to interest us.Girls wud ask for combined study on such topics 'cos they dint understand anything.And the social reformers that v were v taught them everythig v knew.Everyone was happy n enlightened n the wisdom of Ashwin T Sundar was spreadin like wild fire.The most poplular thing at that time was @jokes.N yo I had a repository of them thanks to my sardar flatmate.Everyone blossomed from buds to flowers during the excursion which marked a turning moment in many a career.V were face to face with the teachers n all the boys n girls together created a cozy atmosphere n yo @jokes flyin all over.V sure flunked our exams due to the enthu generated by them.But all in all it was a memorable experience.My skool was my first love.There is a felling of nostalagia running thru u wen u think about ur skool.Desparately dying to have another go at skool life.Signin off.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


After staying for 4 years at a hostel,I did not know whether I missed my home or Hyderabad more.But as Joseph Keller pointed out there's a catch in everything.I definitely missed home but I had mixed feelings about the city where I was brought up into a fine individual coupled with power of writing blogs which wud test the limit of stupidity.Ya everything about this place fascinates me be it the cobbler at charminar or the S/W nerd at Hitec city.Alas this isnt Aamchi Mumbai where I cud've given a Ramgopal Varma start "Yeh sheher kabhi sotha hi nahin".Well I cant say something like that but any blog without a description of this fascinating place wud be incomplete.So let me move on.

Hyderabad was the gift of the Nizams.No it wasnt that they donated it as such to India.They built it to suit their own wishes n voila Hyderabad was born.The capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in India with an ancient civilisation and culture.Ok I'll cut the crap everywhere u find this rich in culture,every city has it's own civilisation blah blah.The rate at which it's growin it mite overtake other cities in terms of size due to the ever increasing inflow of s/w nerds.U have more S/W cos here than hospitals that's the reason U c all hospitals crowded here. N it is divided by 1 big really big swimming pool n the other side is called secunderabad it's twin.I really donno the concept of twins neither the geographic one nor the biological one.The only thing similar wud be people spitting paan n lots of traffic n Chai dukaans.Well u can find out a Hyderabadi even from a milling crowd.Here is wat u need to look at:
1.Paan in mouth n spitting it all around him sometimes even on him
2.Cleaning his mouth with Irani chai
3.Whenever he opens his mouth u wud find a "NAKO" comin out
Irani chai is a must for any true Hyderabadi.At no two places does the tea taste the same. And at no one place does the tea taste different. Well wat the hell no one here knows how Irani chai actually tastes like to tell the truth.Each one says his is the original,another sign u can use to trace a Hyderabadi.Well do tell me if u find the real one.N I forgot 2 mention that swimming pool is called Hussain Sagar.It's basically a collection of all the sewage in the city.U can find Buffaloes havin a cool bath n every Dhobi's life depends on this lake.It has got also lots of mud,clay,paint courtesy the Ganesh Immersion.N I forgot a bit of water.N the coolest thing about the people here is every attraction is on this lake.Even Lord Buddha hasnt been spared.U have boating ,surfing,parasailing all on this wonderfully clean place smelling better than a collection of Public toilets.Heard there's a theme park gonna come up on it's shore.I cant wait to bath in it's waters.The latest attraction has been the IMAX opposite to the lake.It started of with fanfare but now has became a huge public toilet with scores of ppl comin in for the AC.N ya u have necklace road beside the lake runnin around 8km n yaa wonderful place in the evening lots a musquitoes,nice smell around,lots a girls n u have hotels there which give u a gr8 view of all the sewage around.

One more thing u cant miss here are the Bus Drivers.5 yrs they were criticised for stoppin the bus even when someone scratched their hair on the road now it seems it's their turn .They do everything to kill u.U neednt climb a roller coaster to find out wat I am tellin.Jus climb the buses here at peak hours u'll have a whale of a time.N the Autowallas r pretty ok here except that they r mostly drunk n u can hear "Maikyo***" often from thier mouth.N the good thing is they use their Meters but recently Chennai's influence has been rubbing off on tehse guys as well.Well well how cud I ever forget this.Telugu Movies.If ever u wanted to c all the colour combinations jus have a look at the heroes here.Pink shirt n a purple pant or better Yellow shirt n red pants.Wow that shud be some captivating watching.Everything is a hit here.All u need to do is associate urself with some actor in someway.Even posing as a illegal child wud do the trick.Next step get Trisha to act in the movie definitely with clothes,songs u neednt worry anything wud do any sharma,prasad anyone wud be enuf no Mozart needed to please ppl here.Lots of gaalis n fights n yo u end up with a perfect recipe.I'll give u an eg.The movie name is Balu abcdef.Can any rational humanbeing guess wat the hell that is?A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl.Now u get the picture I guess.N the best thing is all the heroines wud be from the north even Iran that far.As far as physique is concerned no body n all required more flab wud help.

N u have the Birla Mandir a beautiful piece of architecture.Lots of marble stones cool n shiny n provides a Gr8 view from the top in case u willing to.Lots of nice gods present to pray.More the no of Gods more does one's wishes grow.All in all it's a nice wishing place.N u have the majestic Golconda Fort.It's really huge huger even then Andrew Flintoff.U need to be at top physical condition if ur plannin to visit the fort.Heard that's the reason y Laxman doesnt come here.Well u have around 700 god knows how many steps to climb.Kids wud really love it there for the history out there.The best thing about that king was he had uncountable no of wives.N so u can imagine how many children.No wonder India's population started to grow dramatically in the 17th century.It's highest point at Hyderabad U can c literally everything from the top.If ur as blind as me or u've got a power of something of the order of -5 then it's a critical waste of time.Then u have the film city.Once u have a look at that u'll know the power of money.I think it's as big as the moon lots of attractions enuf to kill a lazy guy.The only problem is Indian film makers do not like anything that's good n innovative so this has been used more for tourist rather than for shooting purposes.

Then u have the Musi river n the only good thing about it is,it isnt smelly like Chennai's Cuvam.A river it's called but u wud hardly find water in it.Then there's wat people call still the real Hyderabad-Charminar.It's a beautiful monument with 4 towers lookin on all directions n once u get into it it's no more b'ful only pigeoon shit can u smell.It has the famous Mecca masjid behind it.Mostly populated by the Muslim community it has sadly caught the eye for riots,spoiling the region's very own charm.But tourists neednt worry it doesnt take place often mebbe once in 6 months.Name the thing n u wud find it there.Antyhting from Peshawari Suits to the famous Hyderabadi Pearls u can lay ur hands on it.U have the Madina Haleem which is available in the month of Ramzan.Unfortunately being the vegetarian I havent been able to taste the essence of Hyderabad - The Hyderabadi Biriyani.It has become so famous that it has been sold everywhere on the same name.N then u have the railway stations which r famous for the Eunuchs n the Imbliban Bus stand known more for pinchin asses syndrome - pick pocket.N then u have all these s/w cos huge ones all of them in a single area.U can find me there.There's no beach here so they r plannin to get one half of marina into hyderabad.Land has been already allocated n they say the plan is to throw stones into marina so that they can divert it one day here.Real ambitious one.Mebbe I cud never eat the Biriyani here but u must taste Gokul chat here if ur a real hogger.Ppl dont mind u eating as long as u dont fart on their faces.So crazy are ppl here for the food here n u have the kolhapuri's here which wud lend a royal image to ur legs.It is the land of the Azharuddins,Laxmans,Sanias,Gopichands n so many more not gettin any more yaa it's comin urs truly.Well wat ever be the changes around this place one thing definitely hasnt changed Hyderabad Rocks.
P.S:I may have missed out many things that's 'cos this blog was already gettin huge.Plzz do comment as u always have.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Seeing her walk across the road
I saw those eyes glance furtively at me
Surprised was I by the intensity of her look
That I thought her face would be descriptive enough to fill in a book

Days passed by and I always caught that glance
Furtive and strange,her demeanour always threw me in a trance
I was dying to see that face behind that veil
Marching forward I asked her what is in there that u arent willing to reveal?

Acting as busy as a bee she ignored me and left the place
To my horror she called 2 policemen & saw her finger point at my face
They looked like bears and I dint even know how to climb a tree
Oh no wat was happening,I was almost about to pee

Then I could feel a hard hand touch me & shake me up
I woke up with a start only to c my dad stooping over his customary tea cup
Bursting out into a laugh I wiped off my drool
And then realised a fool always remains a fool

Sunday, October 02, 2005


"12:30 ki Apparama Onnum Saapidadhe,Purinjidha".Those were the exact words my mom uttered when I left home for office.It means Do Not Eat Anythin After 12:30.Well wat do I tell,today seems to be a lunar eclipse or something n my mom is pretty strict about such things.She has been saying these words since yesterday.I remember the first blog I had written here.It was about college life esp. hostel life n stuff.The reason I started to write was out of sheer frustration.I needed an emotional outlet.I wanted a place where I cud say what I felt n put things in my perspective n the best thing was I was not saying all this 2 myself.I felt I was discussing it with people around.It was not a diary entry that I was making.The frustration in me seemed to have orchestrated to such levels that I started to write pretty frequently.

A frustrated soul can think in so many ways I've found that.There is that anger which stems from within which only U can feel.It has become a sort of a phenomenon I guess with me.Everything I saw ,I felt,I heard all of them seemed to increase the frustration.The nature of politics,the Indian team not doing well,rains,droughts,death,communal riots,shops opening late closing early,the barber cutting more hair than I wanted him to,breaking a pimple while combing my hair,my braces,continous usage of Alt+Ctrl+Del n god knows many more.With passage of time Frustration seethed in more due to the reason - none to inspire me nor cud I inspire somebody.There was a useless good for nothing feeling building up n growing like a cancer inside me.But yesterday seemed to cure me of everything.I felt I had taken re-birth again.It was the perfect start to the day.As u know it was a Sunday n to my happiness I had got up late after sleepin early.I needed this I guess.By the time I brushed my teeth n seated myself in the sofa it was 10:00.

It was then that the sunday magazine of THE HINDU caught my eye.I am a guy who wud first read the sports page n then read anythin else.But yesterday I got hold of the magazine n saw what had caught my eye.It was an article on Gandhi.It was october 2 his birthday I shud've expected something to appear in the newspaper about him but I was surprised when I had a look.There was a staue of his clad in his customary dothi but the thing was it was in the heart of Atlanta.It was situated in the Martin Luther history museum.I was always an admirer of people who could provoke such mass reactions among people.Rajnikanth,Kamal,MGR,Amitabh,Sachin to name a few.But I even admired another man who cud provoke such a reaction which even all the people which I have mentioned above together wudnt be able to manage.Yes am talkin about Gandhi.I was never a believer of his ideals nor worshipped him.Nor that I do now.There was admiration for the way he carried himself n asked others also to carry themselves in any situation.Onle line in that article which left my heart pounding was "Oh,was he the guy who took on the might of the British Empire?".
It reminded me of the last scene from one of my favourite movies "Hey Ram" where the crowd tries to attack Ghodse after he killed Gandhi even U can c Kamal having a go at his pistol.But at that moment Om Puri stops everyone saying this is the time to prove ourselves by not indulging in any violence against Ghodse.Well that sums up the man as a whole.

N after reading all that I felt numb n I found myself watching SWADES another gr8 movie.Some of the scenes in the movie really tug at ur heart.And as if the icing on the cake I got hold of Illayaraja's Thiruvasagam.I have heard the songs once but yesterday after Swades I took a patient hearing of it n yo there was I at another level.Though I dint understand much I cud feel an elevated sense of happiness.A man with no music knowledge wat so ever today with the help of the best sound engineers in the world has given shape to a grand symphony.The best thing about it was it was done by an Indian.Wat was I waiting for all these days?Wat was I searching and Where was I looking for it?There was an overwhelming sense of shame in me which had replaced all the frustration.The statement "Oh,was he the guy who took on the might of the British Empire?" was made by an some American if not many.The shame was I needed someone from some other country to tell me "Why all the frustration when u urself are to blame?".The fact is that V have totally been totally eclipsed from seeing the light.When v ourselves have forgotten people who made our country proud then where do v go.Y do i c only depression,Y have I forgotten people who inspired a whole generation,Y r their ideals no longer alive.Well yesterday I made a honest admission -Never blame,Try to do it urself.I have been tryin to look for inspiration outside when all I had to do was peep inside.The frustration was just a mask for not looking inside an excuse to blame others.Well am very happy 'cos am feeling again what I hadnt been feeling for quite some time "PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN!".

And on a lighter note I saw someone had put up a comment asking wat "Cogito Ergo Cum".Well if anyone thought it is some Rocket Science am sorry it's a just an ugly remake of a very old cliche.The actual saying is Cogito Ergo Sum which means I think,Therefore I am.It was made by the famous mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes.With help from my friend Avinash and the net I arrived at this title.N I neednt explain wat cum is or do I need to?So there was the title.
cyaa ashwin

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well my creativity seems to be at it's lowest ebb.I have started to look at the owl as a thing of beauty.just kidding.But seriously speaking I wasnt in any mood to blog.It was not running out of topics, just that I felt I was working too much.He He.The most important contribution of Modern Science to the mankind has been the discovery of the MOBILE phone.Well I must put it as the 2nd most important one.For me the first one will always remain the condom.But none of us can ignore the fact that the Mobile culture is growing on us even on Mohinder Amarnath who became famous for sayin I have only a lap not a laptop when asked about his technical expertise for holding the post of Indian coach.Well he sure does hold a Mobile I saw that for sure.

But the point is not only Amarnath but everyone seems to be having one.Even I have one for the record.It has just made it's presence omnipotent,especially in the Student community.
U'll c a guy or a gal from college coming to write an exam without a pen but not without an mobile.Now everyone knows y they do that.Saw MunnaBhai rite.A mobile is mightier than the word.U have all sorts of these moblies lightweight,heavy,feather weight even my weight.My dad used to hold one, that oldest phone which even Adam wud've desisted from using.He held that as if it were an MBE but due to increasing resistance within the family he disposed it and he took another one.Me n my dad r not tech savvy people but even in the hands of such people ur getting used to c a mobile.N my mobile even has a torch.Wat do i do with that?Find treasures in my mouth I guess which is aleady brimming with cement n holes.I have a bsnl phone at home.It acts even as a mobile.Simple,the moment u lift the reciever the cord which attaches the reciever n the phone comes out n ur left speakin 2 urself.

U can listen 2 a song,record ur own voice,watch movies,surf on the net,play 3D games god wat n wat not.But all this doesnt seem to satisfy the Delhi guy n yo he uses the other option MMS n well look wat's happened.That's the flip side.But the most irritating thing about the mobile is the SMS 'cos even I fell a prey for it.Not anymore 'cos am bak to Hyderabad where instead of sendin sms I cud've a decent lunch.Chennai is the place to be in if u want to have the real benefit of a cell phone.U have every scheme there pay n dont use,pay n useless,paymore useless,dont pay dont use name the crap u'll get it.All the couples at my college used to get themselves an add on card.N as usual the guy had to make the purchase n the add on was his sweety.N u cud speak on it for hours no billing.This became popular among staff also guy gettin the female teacher an add on card.Hey he was learning his tuitions.And the sms schemes dont ask it's free.A recent survey conducted by a reputed institution has indicated that due to free SMS married couples have stopped talkin 2 each other.
here's an eg:
HUSBAND:can v lay down the foundation for having children tonight?
WIFE:Y nite now itself jus come down to the kitchen naa,it's only a 300 Sq. foot walk from ur study.
Well well if they r so lazy I donno how Chennai still contributes in a handsome way to the Indian cause.V'll dig into that some other day.

But the worst thing is neither can u throw it away nor live peacefully with it.It's like ur drafter.
Drafter remember engg.drawing 1 year hmmm. Real pain in the d ass wasnt it.Fortunately I never had a Mobile when I was at college. Simple hostels r known for the grand ways in which ur things cud be stolen.U had a gang even better than Daniel Ocean's.Due to such gangs, my friends I have seen always ended up cursing everyone n Mobiles were first on their hit list.Do not think am too intelligent I lost Money if not a mobile.My friend had a brand bew 6600 which is broader than me n whoa he lost a whopping 14k on that.Add to that the new one he has got now 16k.Thankfully due to the curse of the devil he has completed his engg.N u can judge a person just by the way he is glued to his mobile.An even more efficient speed is to loook at the way his messages fly.
CASE 1:slow enuf for u to have a tea,eyes searching for the keys,poor guy doesnt know about the dictionary,gives up n asks u 2 type the message.Such guys generally loose their GF'S.
CASE2:is getting used to the dictionary is embedding all the bad words he knows into it.Has time only 2 scratch his ass wen he's hooked up.
CASE3:Well these r the SMS nerds.U have one look at them it wud be like watching a tennis match from the side rows.Eyes wud be moving faster n more faster n the fingers matching them frame 2 frame.Most likely to abuse u if disturbed.
CASE4:Well these r the people who give u a complex.Tell u that ur fit for nothing n that title wud be added to u disgracefully even
in the field of SMS.These r the kind who say "Hi machan" wave to u with their left hand offer u a smile.Well wat's wrong about them then?The thing is they wud be typing an SMS actually n act like speakin to u.Jerks is the only word I can find for those kinda people.I have seen many of my friends having twisted their necks havin a sour ass n broken nails,butter fingers,aching limbs.Achin limbs well my hostel dint have western toilets.Well all this is due
to the different poses they find themselves in while typing a message.People have started to use it even in the bathrooms just
to prove that even they work.Not only here but even Rahul,Saurav,sehwag,Sachin all of these n many more have been used to woo people n they have been a part of the network fights.Well Saurav again seems to be an exception.Due to his exemplary performance in the recent past he has been asked to step down n take care only of pre-paid duties.Post paid I heard mite land up with Greg.

And now it isnt hep to have earphones plugged to ur ears while driving no more OH HUMDUM SUNIYO RE.U can c a guy his ass wud be on the seat n his head wud be tilted so far towards the left u cud cut his hair n go.Yes ofcourse he wud speakin on his mobile.N the thing which makes me sick r these ringtones.Each time I hear to a sound buzzing I think it's my phone n VOILA my hand goes below I mean it's in my pant pocket.I have become so sensitive to these sounds that even a cockroach farting seems to be a ringtone n off my hands go down.If the same trend continues ppl will start doubtin if I have piles.And as if all this was not enuf udesparately pick ur mobile n make a call .One of the rare occurances.The best thing about my Dad havin a mobile is I can give him a missed call.Ya coming back to the point u pik ur phone dial ur friends no n wat do u hear "MANGAL MANGAL".This is the last nail in the coffin according to me u call to talk ur friend n all u hear is someone barking.Sorry that song is pretty good but imagine if someone has "AASHIQ BANAYAA AASHIQ BANAYAA" .Wat does ur friend do?He doent pik up the phone for a couple a minutes n ur left to rut in hell.N then he asks "GAANA MAST THA NA".Shit I am gettin a ring on my mobile ya am sure it's my mobile got 2 answer it or else at the ohter end "DIL CHAHTA HAI"
cyaa n happy weekend.