Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tomb Writer

It was an Emotional Intelligence lecture and we were asked to write two lines on what one would like to write on his/her burial tomb. I managed to come up with more than two. These are the ones.

1. I am more than willing to meet you now.

2. Please do not cry here, I might come back alive.

3. Every visit here brings you closer to me.

4. Never ever fight with your wife.

5. Do not try this at home.

6. I will scare children who try to play here.

7. If you come here daily, we shall exchange our positions.

8. I presume we still are not on talking terms.

9. Marriage has its own benefits.

10. Above every man here, there is a woman.

11. Do not confuse me with my neighbor.

12. For assistance, feel free to contact my wife.

13. Don’t try acting smart, my neighbor is watching you.

14. Sixth sense is a funny movie.

15. Ghosts do exist. Just look behind.

16. Don’t reflect in HR classes, you will get bored here.

17. If you are still reading, I assume you are alive.