Thursday, September 14, 2006


Hanging between life and death like a raindrop perched on the edge of a rooftop..I do not know which side is life and which side is death..what do you call such a stage?Am just a dead man counting the no. of wounds on his body wishing it would heal.But how would something heal after you die?Nothing heals after death neither does it during life..What wud it be like to lie dead waiting to get mummified?Do you call it death or rebirth?What is it that makes people live even after they die or die when they live?We sense death,smell death,fear death and even die but we still live on..What do I call this?Life or death?Offline Online Invisible Visible does any of these things matter?A dying man wants just two drops of water but he hasnt got it..not that he would have lived because of it..but he still manages to live..Or does he?He manages to oscillate..What do I call this?Life or Death?Whats life when death awaits and what's the use of shouting and kicking when the medical examiner has pronounced you dead?Who is ready to listen?Who is Who to pronounce life and death when something exists between that and beyond that..What is the cause in trying to live after you die?Why dint you try dying when you were living?May be someone would have heard you then...may be not..But were you living first as a matter of fact?If you were what were you doing?If not then is it that you are dead?Somethings are unknown and are better undefined...I existed but there is no record of it..I wanted those 2 drops but I never got it..Now what do I call this?Life death or injustice?Is it possible to die without those two drops or is it worth living for those two drops and then die..But in between all this there is something... and again there is something beyond all this..Something all of us feel when we live and even when we die..We even feel it when waiting for those two drops either to die to live or live to die?You choose death or the other unknown quantity suffocation...We live in suffocation and we also suffocate to death..I do not know yet what to call this stage?All I know is I am suffocating but which side I am still trying to find, but I may cease to exist by then....
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