Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well I donno the exact term for wat I am gonna say.No it isnt Writer's Bloc.The thing is I have a topic n I have the necessary resources also for putting up another stupid blog.But the lesser I speak about BSNL dial up connection the better I think it wud be.So after desparately putting lots of man hours over the last week on sendin a mail via BSNl I have given up n given up the topic too.The only thing which would be resolved in a flash was LOGOUT.I donno how did that happen.So after cursing my system,BSNl connection n my stupidness at not even having winzip and proudly working on a system which boasts of having windows98 I took my mind off n went to attend a dance program.U guessed it right, yes I put up another splendid show of Ignorance.It was a dance program performed by my friends sister.N yo like an expert I announced in a calm way-she dances Bharatnatyam very well.My friend gave me one of his SHUT UR MOUTH looks n told me that it was Kuchipudi.Well wat the hell,I dint find a difference nor can I, it's like asking a Musquito to bite correctly on ur ass.None the less I got bored as I usually do n got into a conversation with one of my junior who studied at my school.

Hmmm my journey towards attaining wisdom started at the age of 3 when I was put into a school called Cluny.I remember as a kid, finger in my mouth catching hold of my mom's pallu I went crying to school.But whoa I stopped crying immediately when a girl called Rosy came n sat next 2 me n started to speak 2 me.That was the only time I think in my life had a girl volunteered to sit beside me leave alone talking.After that it was like a seesaw, the moment I went and sat beside a female yo she wud pop out.Guess it was my sweat.Even now I think it is.And after that I entered into a reallly reputed school which boasted of having 2 branches.I was in the branch which cud support only till 5th std.But I fell so much in love with that school that I tried my level best to flunk in my 5th grade.But fate had it's say and I was promoted.The thing I hated 2 go to the other school was it ,was lying in some jungle and access to that jungle was only by school bus which wud arrive sharply at 7:00 in the morning to disturb my wet dreams.Yaa I had realised by then that other than trees n buildings there was soemthing called girls to look at.Although telling it in public in school was considered a sin.The moment I got down from the bus I cud hear a bee buzzing in my ear.No it was my HM who had slapped me for pushing another guy while getting down. I was thrilled at seeing a huge campus where I cud run around without the fear of my shorts fallin down or being pulled by someone else.In 1 month itself I was made class monitor.Class monitor is a psycho who derives pleasure seeing his fellow mates beaten up for no good reason.Talkin loudly,eatin during class,talkin2 girls-How dare he do that wen I myself didnt.Anything u cud find like eating with others spoon,giving wrong answers wen teacher asks something,the class monitor has to make a note down n the more he collects the more pleasure.In between all this the biggest sin of them all was giving shakehand 2 a girl.It wud bring down a fatwa.All the class boys were united on this front n the person involved in such activities were shunned from the boys community.Obvious the girls also wudnt accept him so poor guy was left somewere in the middle.

Another thing about school was each one tryin to impress the teacher in the hope that u wud be awarded more marks n someday wud land up as some house captain.But all that dreams were shattered wen my teachers drove home the point that I wasnt born for studying n getting marks.N the parent teacher meeting wud ignite the psychic intent of every teacher.I cud see the burning desire in every teacher of myn.They were vociferous in their attacks against me n my dad wud coolly nod his head n take me home.We wud laugh over their musings.The name of my school was D.A.V. Public ISKOOL that was the way the cleaners wud pronounce it.V had a peculiar way of speakin at skool "Arre chimping,Oh shining" all this was used wen someone wore a new dress or got a new scale anything new even a new GF.And the biggest bad words at skool were ur bummm,ur penn.The stress is on m and n.V loved playin KhoKho at skool.Y we loved it was most of the times girls n boys used to play it together n v wud kick the girls as hard as v cud n shout "Kho".That was the only occasion were u cud a touch a girl without thinking n blinking twice.The worst time to be at shool was during Raakhi.Girls all of a sudden would surround u like bees n in the most pleasin manner tie it n go away.There were 4 groups in my skool.No I wont tell their names u'll curse me even more .As usual I tried hard but always won only the participating certificate.But as we started to grow there were lessons in biology which started to interest us.Girls wud ask for combined study on such topics 'cos they dint understand anything.And the social reformers that v were v taught them everythig v knew.Everyone was happy n enlightened n the wisdom of Ashwin T Sundar was spreadin like wild fire.The most poplular thing at that time was @jokes.N yo I had a repository of them thanks to my sardar flatmate.Everyone blossomed from buds to flowers during the excursion which marked a turning moment in many a career.V were face to face with the teachers n all the boys n girls together created a cozy atmosphere n yo @jokes flyin all over.V sure flunked our exams due to the enthu generated by them.But all in all it was a memorable experience.My skool was my first love.There is a felling of nostalagia running thru u wen u think about ur skool.Desparately dying to have another go at skool life.Signin off.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Vijay said...

For all your misbehaving in school you had it got screwed in College

ashwin sundar said...

Sorry ppl for puttin this word verification stuff I have gettin lots a spam which promises 2 make me earn millions but i didnt so I had 2 do this.thanx for commenting n I set a record of getting 7 comments no spam for my last blog.thanks a lot.

Sameera said...

u seemed to have matured early.....
wats with ur "girls girls girls"
and disclosin all the things that are btr off unknown esp to us GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

cartic said...

D.A.V. Public ISKOOL.illa.. dee ahg vghee ee bubligg ee Iskhool!! n for the gulti geo. location...phaphlikku iskhoolluoo !!
And what happened to rosy da.. so all that poetry was on her ?? apparam oon analogy.. mosqui..on as*... average aa kooda ille he he he !!... n stop counting on ur comments, no materialism @ least here haen !!

Anonymous said...

Wanna try renaming ur blog as " "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS .... WHAT FUN !!!!!!!!!!!! " .
so tell us what U understood that the gurls dint ,reg the biology lessons .
now ,i understand y ur school is ur first love .... naughty U .

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey ,you know wat ? ask a couple of ur close ISKOOL gurl friends to read this blog .
Then ,they ll really understand what pleasure u derived out of "playing KHO KHO with them "" .!!!
ur guts well appreciated !!!!

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