Saturday, October 29, 2005


Cricket is my Religion and Sachin is my God.Well u wud've seen all such banners when u go to watch a cricket match involving India.It's the same with me also and my God is back and he is back in spanking fashion.If anything was more eagerly awaited than Diwali it was Sachin's comeback.The way he has done it calls for some extra crackers n add to the pollution.But seriously it atleast calls for a Vodka.Wat 2 say about a man who has made ppl cry, laugh and when the ball misses the bat on those rare occasions it does the entire country is on the edge.He makes people like me to pray.Yes ladies and gentlemen Sachin is back n he is back with a bang.And as they say Ganguly's absence seems to be the icing on the cake.More than Sachin coming back or Rahul taking over I think it is ganguly's absence which seems to be the real fillip for this team.I hope it stays this way unlike those days where a Ganguly fart wud also make headlines.Each time a wicket fell the opposition bowlers wud be licking their lips in anticipation on wat is to come.I think Ganguly of late has contributed to other teams rather than his.It's not like the SMS jokes in which he leaves in a hurry.He jumps,cries,wails,shouts and happily consumes atleast 45 balls for those 20 runs of his.Agreed that he played a pivotal role in getting India back on track but it has come a whole cycle n it's time to step the rot.I think Atapatu might be cursing Rahul silently for not picking Saurav as he cud find himself in Ganguly's position if the current series is any indicator.

On the personal side it has been very disappointing as I have 9 days of leave and am not able to go 2 Chennai to meet my friends.Rain has really wreaked havoc in these parts.I think Hyd has taken the cue from Chennai and all trains are being cancelled or their travel time is long enuf to celebrate ur honeymoon.I think any newly married chicks take my advice and go for a trip to anywhere but it shud be thru Andhra.The cheapest way to celebrate honeymoon.Well take on look at this

Just have a look at the way the street has been completely inundated.That wud be a cool place to set up dinner.I dont know why it's always like this in India.Either it rains so heavy that u have to pee every hour or it doesnt rain at all n under the heat ur made to sweat.I guess this is the reason for goitre in the country.Excessive loss of salt-loss of Iodine.A poet gets disturbed by his surroundings.The same has happened with me.But even in b/w all this I can manage a small smile n sense of triumph.Thank you for the entertainment-Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.
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Gowri Shankar said...

It was indeed a heartening sight 2 watch sachin back in action. It was a classy display of batting by the master. thanks to you for such a beautiful narration.

cartic said...

Nice to c sachin back... n u know the irony, The worst of both the things happened to me, neither could I watch him live on action ( not even the recording) Nor could I escape the rains n it's impact both on the roads n the rails... damn, it took me 36 hrs to reach my home, now shld I blame.. I rather thank god 4 @least I reached home safe !!

hopefuldisposition said...

In reply to your comment on my blog~

Sounds too much like Ambika....any other choices? I am not challenged in the area of speed of internet or the lack of music and its pure boredom and I cant stand it....i would gladly go out for a run, but the weather sucks!

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