Saturday, October 22, 2005


Today was a real nice day .No office,but like a fool woke up early to realise it was a saturday n returned to my slumber n happily woke up at 10.My dad asked me 2 do a strange thing today.I was asked to attend the parent teacher meeting at my bro's school.I always wanted to have a look at his school-Little Flower Junior College n yaa I was damn happy to speak the typical elder brother style.He was throwin such looks at me for screwing him there.I still remember these happenings wen I was at school.Ok Ok I wont get bak 2 school.But I definitely have to speak about my family tree.I was thinkin about something to write,then it struck me y dont I continue the nomenclature part of my story.

Anyone who doesnt know my roots just scroll down n u'll find one blog on Initial.Yaa my dad's birth place was Thiruvaiyaru.A quite village with no roads n limited electricity near Tanjore.Well it has a changed a bit u have roads,by roads I mean Roads between pitholes.So anyone wanting to test their driving skills r welcome.But yaa as the climate started to get hot here my mom wud punish us by taking us every summer to Chennai.Chennai is a place were u sweat more than u pee.My mom's famiy was a moderate one with she being the eldest n 3 bro's n a sis to follow.I still remember making my uncle mad every time to take me 2 exhibition,rajnikanth movie and ofcourse beach.Thinking about all that god I cannot imagine the things I have done eating everyone's brain out.Man children r very cute n I love playing with them but 2 think if in future I add to this small population by some numbers n they all turned out 2 be more worse than me.whoa.Tha's 2 much 2 think of.I loved going out on walks with my grandpa.He got me Matka Kulfi always.He was the only person who cud tolerate me even though I named him appu-It was the elephant which was the symbol of Asian game which took place at New Delhi in 1987 I think.Come every summer my mom dragged me along with her and v used to cover the length and breadth of Tamilnadu.

My dad's family was a big one.They were a total of 7.I shud say 5 now.Couple of them have ceased to exist.But yaa they were n are a typical brahmin household u can find.Every year I used to go 2 my village my uncle wud b thrilled to c me.It was a typical village u cud find ppl shitting on the roads n if u knew them they wud coolly even say a hi to u.Most of the morning was spent in sitting before puja n praying n stuff.There never was a shortage of sound at that place.All my cousins wud b there n I as usual was the only person playin spoilsport always.Every year at that place u had a festival called SAPTHASTHANAM .For around 10 days the place wud be very colourful with ppl pulling big chariots all around the village.I loved the elephant rides there.But whoever wants to try that be careful wear pants not shorts 'cos the elephant's hair wud poke u right into ur crotch.Many a time have I been a victim of the elephant crotch syndrome.OOH I shudnt be sayin all this god knows wat the girls r thinking about me now.The best thing was the foos there.U name the variety u wud find it.And another thing was all my uncles names ended with an "AN".Even my dad's.Now this has nothing to do with ANNIYAN.I always loved munching the Black halwa which was sold for 25p n the THEN MITAAY meaning honey chocolate.And anoher thing common there was Paneer Soda.Not many at Hyd know of the existance of such a drink.No its definitely not better than Vodka but its a worth a gulp at the cost of a BACKFIRE.And I forgot to mention it, I used to look so handsome those days no braces around,wearing shorts smaller than the one's Saif wears n hair like Fido Dido.Anyways that was a bit about my native place n a bit about my family.Drop in ur comments as u always have.
signing off
P.S.:I got my passport and u know wats my name there ASHIWIN SUNDAR THIRUVAIYARU.Now will anyone tell me wat shud I do to correct this.

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Anonymous said...

Oh ,cmmon yaaaar , u need to produce something for the world and the ppl around you .….u need to continue the race man ……. the species cannot become extinct …… something as berserk and totally insane as you ……. So no second thoughts abt PRODUCTION ……………WOGEY ?
And if u r ever gonna change your name …there goes ...…make it “ ASS WIN SANDIYAARR “ -----