Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Seeing her walk across the road
I saw those eyes glance furtively at me
Surprised was I by the intensity of her look
That I thought her face would be descriptive enough to fill in a book

Days passed by and I always caught that glance
Furtive and strange,her demeanour always threw me in a trance
I was dying to see that face behind that veil
Marching forward I asked her what is in there that u arent willing to reveal?

Acting as busy as a bee she ignored me and left the place
To my horror she called 2 policemen & saw her finger point at my face
They looked like bears and I dint even know how to climb a tree
Oh no wat was happening,I was almost about to pee

Then I could feel a hard hand touch me & shake me up
I woke up with a start only to c my dad stooping over his customary tea cup
Bursting out into a laugh I wiped off my drool
And then realised a fool always remains a fool


Anonymous said...

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Sameera said...

And then realised a fool always remains a fool.......
hmm lol

Anonymous said...

dude ,face it man, its high time u tell me who ur ""PRIMADONNA"" is !
that is ,in case u r writing this stuff with a certain gurl in mind .
whatever ,the gurl ,who is she ???????????????? tell me b4 i break my head ,


IThinkThereforeIam said...

gud rhyming in thr!
liked it1 :)