Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well this was the blog I had been waiting to put up for quite some time.Eagerness to blog is directly proportional to joblessness.But I dint blog for a week or so in the middle that doesnt mean all my sweat and blood had dried up but as I had mentioned before it was due to BSNL'S outstanding dial up connection that I cudnt put up this blog.Hurrah broadband has atlast arrived at home.But even then it's just like the Indian cricket team ,whoever be the captain we would be proud losers.It took me 30 min to upload this 2Mb foto.But I hope this is a new start as far as my net connection is concerned.

All of u can c the foto I guess unless ur naturally blind like me.Anyways that is wat the tamilians call golu.Every year during the festival of Navaratri it is a tradition for many tamilians esp. Brahmins to put up everything they have ,mainly dolls in a series of steps.As the tradition goes it shud be only in odd numbers starting from 3.It goes upto 15.Again the no of steps put is directly proportional to the joblessness of the women in the Brahmin household.U must have got a faint idea as to wat my mom must be doin now.This year it was pretty small only 5 steps.Generally she is around the inverted nose mark-Seven.But as u can c my mom is a real businesswoman.The first thing u'll notice wen u c the foto is Tupperware.In this way she has managed to pump up her sales during these 10 days in the pretext of calling all women for golu.But anyways she does her creativity take all forms during these 10 days.U can c that chariot on the extreme left corner yup that was her creation.And on the floor she has created a park n sows some seeds also in them n they on constant watering blossom into some plant not yet known to biologists.It grows only at Flat no.403.But it tastes pretty ok.My mom remains busy most of the time,so wenever I am hungry I jus go n graze around there.

The best thing about Navaratri is supposed to be Dandiya.Being a Tamilian I have the pleasure of seeing many b'ful aunties n their more b'ful daughters fill my home with their presence.And I make sure that I am there at home gawking at them.Hmmm coming to Dandiya.The first time I managed to shrug off my social inhibitions n hit the dance floor was wen I was in 9th.I had gone to some Gujarati samaj for Dandiya n wow at that age were every female looks b'ful ,it was Ashwin In Wonderland.Lots of Gujarati Pottis doing the hip n the hop.And so immediately I jumped into the cordon and started to use the sticks as if they were lathis in a policeman's hand.And ya at some time I was bound to make contact ,no not with the sticks but on some female.I swung them with all my might only to find them go n strike a woman in her mid 40's straight on her forehead.She gave me a look which matched that of a person who hasnt done her motions for atleast 10 days.And as it happens wen a woman is hurt the manliness in every man comes to the fore.I was asked 2 leave unceremoniously by a man who resembled a sewage cleaner.Alas that was it I had to back out n after that the next chance I got to make amends was at Aurangabad again but this time my dad n mom were around so I behave d like a good boy and made the exit.

I was jus praying for one for more chance jus like the way Saurav is doin now for a place in the team n yo after 5 years it fell staright into my lap.There was this Dandiya dhamaal at my office.After hours of hard work one needed this.N I was shocked wen I saw that the entire corporate strength were trying to squeeze themselves onto a small ground.As fast as relief items disappearing during an earthquake,the sticks for dancing were gone.And as usual pride wounded I was watching silently as many ppl were forging relations n having a ball.Alas I thought it wud be a DIL HI DIL MEIN or better said Kadhalar Dhinam in Tamil were me the hero dancing like the wind wud find a heroine, if not Sonali atleast a Munniamma.But am not jealous of that guy kunal.Guys like him can find gals like Sonali only on the net.But as the event proceeded it seemed like a buffalo bathing exercise rather than dandiya n the DJ was doin one f***** up job of playin balle balle mundiya soniya stuff.But I had to prove to the world even I was a Homosapien made of blood a.k.a Nirmal Shekar.So I let my social side dominate n there I was dancing like Shammi Kapoor, my bellowy hair cutting thru everyone.Due to subdued body movements and an increasing waistline I was damn tired n wat did I achieve doin all this in the end?I puked everything 'cos I jumped so much and wasted 72 bucks on an auto to take me home.Well someone plzz teach me Dandiyaa.
signing off


cartic said...

The longer and more frequent the comment/ator the more hez jobless too !! and that snap was awesome, it has got all the color that nature has defined.
Stop balmmin bsnl and shift ur comp to some museum, may be it can make some money there.

And for teaching dandiya... only auntyz with 5-10 years of experience need apply, helmet policy applies !!

Vijay said...

No Dhandiyaa for you, I would probably recommend African Bamba to boogie with.

Arjun said...

only the foto in ur blog is gud daa!!!

Sameera said...

tell ur mom the whole doll setup looks very nice
and if i need something from tupperware
i know whom to contact.

Anonymous said...

Dude ,
the foto s great !!!
but ,the content very boring da ....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn ,
whats the next topic ??????


sri said...

man wat is dis...an atheist writin abt golu???...this golu thing makes ur blog like a girls blog da

ashwin sundar said...

Gollu is the display of creativity more so a woman's creativity.U wont find only idols of god there.So praising one's show of creativity doesnt make my blog feminish.and from wen did a blog start having genders?

sri said...

gollu is creativity accepted...but then again the main thing in a gollu is again god idols only..neways and this dandhiya(it is religious dance da cmon) is d same as gollu and dont reply sayin its only a dance n such stuff...one more thing change ur blog topics and keep it creativity rather than golu...u know wat i mean rite??

Sekar said...

Hey Ghosh,

Still remembering inverted seven nose. ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

GOSH !!!!
with those huge eyes and that -5 specs .. hmmm .. u seem to be the best 'WOMEN WATCHER' around in town ...
AGE NO BAR aaaaah ???????????

theres always this scary jerk watching you from nowhere ..