Monday, October 24, 2005

one night @ the call center

Well u guessed it pretty right.I was waiting for this book and I had read somewere on the net that it wud be releasin on oct 25 ,so naturally I was surprised when I got a call from my friend saying that he has purchased it.There was such an urge in me,I dont think I'll have this sort of a drive even before my first night.But screw that guy who has building bridges,filling cement and screwing my mouth.Ya I was at the dentist and had to contain myself.Once the ordeal had finished I just Vroomed on my activa straight into Odyssey n got hold of my catch like a bounty hunter.

Just tell me how would u feel when ur dressed up like a king for the party of ur life and ur stuck in traffic due to rains and get drenched all over or better when ur peacefully reading The Hindu in the loo ur dad knocks bang on the door and ur peace is ruined.Sadly that's how I felt when I finished reading the book.I would thank my dad if he screamed at me for reading this at the loo.It starts of in brilliant fashion in the typical chetan bhagat way.Lots of crisp comments n crystal clear way of putting things and giving a definite dose of trying to peep into a woman's mind.All these were the characteristics of his previous book.They definitely are there here.The first 225 pages exactly to say present the reader a wonderful exhibtion of creative writing.But from then on no one exactly knows wat's happening around neither did he I suppose.People do have their beliefs but the climax was turned into something which Ramanand Sagar would have been proud of.I think Ekta Kapoor is already itching to make a movie n screw every Indian.Gosh a movie wud be better instead of a soap.It is a story about 6 people working in a call centre their struggle,their ambition,their helplessness everything brilliantly told .I just wish those 40 pages werent there.Making a movie were everything is shown in frames n were one scene co-relates to another like Pulp Fiction and any of Mani Rathnam's movies is in itself a great art of telling a story.And imagine to write in suuch a fashion.It's almost unbelievable.It seems to come so naturally to him.He has got such control over his craft.Anyways I dont want to tell anything more n spoil ur mood.U ppl must be already cursing me n some might have already thought of crucifying me but it's definitely worth a read the first 224 pages.Well after that it's upto u.Anyways do read n temme how it is.And dont forget my blogs in between all this.
signing off


Anonymous said...

I aint someone who follows books as violently as u .....
u tasteless fellow ,the urge to do things on the 1st night is completely incomparable dude !!!


Sekar said...

Enna da title of the book

ashwin sundar said...

U people r getting even more blind n u arent readin my blog properly I guess the first line itself suggests that the title of that blog is the name of the book

Lord of all Things said...

hey.. u went to the dentish eh..?? me2 have to go 2 morro or day after..:(( i need to write a post after that.. first time at the dentist thingy...does it hurt...????y y.. diint i go before.:((..

Anonymous said...

hehehe .
sorry boss ! thats quite obvious .... missed out on the title .