Thursday, October 06, 2005


After staying for 4 years at a hostel,I did not know whether I missed my home or Hyderabad more.But as Joseph Keller pointed out there's a catch in everything.I definitely missed home but I had mixed feelings about the city where I was brought up into a fine individual coupled with power of writing blogs which wud test the limit of stupidity.Ya everything about this place fascinates me be it the cobbler at charminar or the S/W nerd at Hitec city.Alas this isnt Aamchi Mumbai where I cud've given a Ramgopal Varma start "Yeh sheher kabhi sotha hi nahin".Well I cant say something like that but any blog without a description of this fascinating place wud be incomplete.So let me move on.

Hyderabad was the gift of the Nizams.No it wasnt that they donated it as such to India.They built it to suit their own wishes n voila Hyderabad was born.The capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in India with an ancient civilisation and culture.Ok I'll cut the crap everywhere u find this rich in culture,every city has it's own civilisation blah blah.The rate at which it's growin it mite overtake other cities in terms of size due to the ever increasing inflow of s/w nerds.U have more S/W cos here than hospitals that's the reason U c all hospitals crowded here. N it is divided by 1 big really big swimming pool n the other side is called secunderabad it's twin.I really donno the concept of twins neither the geographic one nor the biological one.The only thing similar wud be people spitting paan n lots of traffic n Chai dukaans.Well u can find out a Hyderabadi even from a milling crowd.Here is wat u need to look at:
1.Paan in mouth n spitting it all around him sometimes even on him
2.Cleaning his mouth with Irani chai
3.Whenever he opens his mouth u wud find a "NAKO" comin out
Irani chai is a must for any true Hyderabadi.At no two places does the tea taste the same. And at no one place does the tea taste different. Well wat the hell no one here knows how Irani chai actually tastes like to tell the truth.Each one says his is the original,another sign u can use to trace a Hyderabadi.Well do tell me if u find the real one.N I forgot 2 mention that swimming pool is called Hussain Sagar.It's basically a collection of all the sewage in the city.U can find Buffaloes havin a cool bath n every Dhobi's life depends on this lake.It has got also lots of mud,clay,paint courtesy the Ganesh Immersion.N I forgot a bit of water.N the coolest thing about the people here is every attraction is on this lake.Even Lord Buddha hasnt been spared.U have boating ,surfing,parasailing all on this wonderfully clean place smelling better than a collection of Public toilets.Heard there's a theme park gonna come up on it's shore.I cant wait to bath in it's waters.The latest attraction has been the IMAX opposite to the lake.It started of with fanfare but now has became a huge public toilet with scores of ppl comin in for the AC.N ya u have necklace road beside the lake runnin around 8km n yaa wonderful place in the evening lots a musquitoes,nice smell around,lots a girls n u have hotels there which give u a gr8 view of all the sewage around.

One more thing u cant miss here are the Bus Drivers.5 yrs they were criticised for stoppin the bus even when someone scratched their hair on the road now it seems it's their turn .They do everything to kill u.U neednt climb a roller coaster to find out wat I am tellin.Jus climb the buses here at peak hours u'll have a whale of a time.N the Autowallas r pretty ok here except that they r mostly drunk n u can hear "Maikyo***" often from thier mouth.N the good thing is they use their Meters but recently Chennai's influence has been rubbing off on tehse guys as well.Well well how cud I ever forget this.Telugu Movies.If ever u wanted to c all the colour combinations jus have a look at the heroes here.Pink shirt n a purple pant or better Yellow shirt n red pants.Wow that shud be some captivating watching.Everything is a hit here.All u need to do is associate urself with some actor in someway.Even posing as a illegal child wud do the trick.Next step get Trisha to act in the movie definitely with clothes,songs u neednt worry anything wud do any sharma,prasad anyone wud be enuf no Mozart needed to please ppl here.Lots of gaalis n fights n yo u end up with a perfect recipe.I'll give u an eg.The movie name is Balu abcdef.Can any rational humanbeing guess wat the hell that is?A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl.Now u get the picture I guess.N the best thing is all the heroines wud be from the north even Iran that far.As far as physique is concerned no body n all required more flab wud help.

N u have the Birla Mandir a beautiful piece of architecture.Lots of marble stones cool n shiny n provides a Gr8 view from the top in case u willing to.Lots of nice gods present to pray.More the no of Gods more does one's wishes grow.All in all it's a nice wishing place.N u have the majestic Golconda Fort.It's really huge huger even then Andrew Flintoff.U need to be at top physical condition if ur plannin to visit the fort.Heard that's the reason y Laxman doesnt come here.Well u have around 700 god knows how many steps to climb.Kids wud really love it there for the history out there.The best thing about that king was he had uncountable no of wives.N so u can imagine how many children.No wonder India's population started to grow dramatically in the 17th century.It's highest point at Hyderabad U can c literally everything from the top.If ur as blind as me or u've got a power of something of the order of -5 then it's a critical waste of time.Then u have the film city.Once u have a look at that u'll know the power of money.I think it's as big as the moon lots of attractions enuf to kill a lazy guy.The only problem is Indian film makers do not like anything that's good n innovative so this has been used more for tourist rather than for shooting purposes.

Then u have the Musi river n the only good thing about it is,it isnt smelly like Chennai's Cuvam.A river it's called but u wud hardly find water in it.Then there's wat people call still the real Hyderabad-Charminar.It's a beautiful monument with 4 towers lookin on all directions n once u get into it it's no more b'ful only pigeoon shit can u smell.It has the famous Mecca masjid behind it.Mostly populated by the Muslim community it has sadly caught the eye for riots,spoiling the region's very own charm.But tourists neednt worry it doesnt take place often mebbe once in 6 months.Name the thing n u wud find it there.Antyhting from Peshawari Suits to the famous Hyderabadi Pearls u can lay ur hands on it.U have the Madina Haleem which is available in the month of Ramzan.Unfortunately being the vegetarian I havent been able to taste the essence of Hyderabad - The Hyderabadi Biriyani.It has become so famous that it has been sold everywhere on the same name.N then u have the railway stations which r famous for the Eunuchs n the Imbliban Bus stand known more for pinchin asses syndrome - pick pocket.N then u have all these s/w cos huge ones all of them in a single area.U can find me there.There's no beach here so they r plannin to get one half of marina into hyderabad.Land has been already allocated n they say the plan is to throw stones into marina so that they can divert it one day here.Real ambitious one.Mebbe I cud never eat the Biriyani here but u must taste Gokul chat here if ur a real hogger.Ppl dont mind u eating as long as u dont fart on their faces.So crazy are ppl here for the food here n u have the kolhapuri's here which wud lend a royal image to ur legs.It is the land of the Azharuddins,Laxmans,Sanias,Gopichands n so many more not gettin any more yaa it's comin urs truly.Well wat ever be the changes around this place one thing definitely hasnt changed Hyderabad Rocks.
P.S:I may have missed out many things that's 'cos this blog was already gettin huge.Plzz do comment as u always have.


sri said...

all this is absolutely me guys...

Anonymous said...

u finally revealed ur TRUE GOLTI COLORS !!! hehe.funny .
overall good , only thing ,make it more presentable and readable next time .

Lord of all Things said...

hann gud description .. a vistor wudnt understand wether this is a gud place or not:)) if hez reads ur blog...

next time write about eating places like gokul chat and all

Kiran said...

Hyderabad is so good u dont feel it until u leave the city for some other place

1) the awesome climate (especially evenings)
2) no sweat
3) biryani. The stuff that they sell outside in the name of hyderabadi biryani is crappy.
4) good food for extremely cheap
5) the posh factor with s/w cos and the sports complexes.

Gulam Hasan said...

LOL..Amazing blog dude..cudnt stop laffing....being a hyderabadii i agree w every single bit of thing tht u have written...expecting more funny blogs like this one

Sameera said...

this is a gr8 post dude...was laffin all along..and yeah its true but dont we all love hyderabad anyways?

u forgot to mention the use of 'kaiku' and 'kathe' hehe

good work keep writing more

Bud Wiser said...

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