Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pools of Drool

I am a kid, still growing up
And this was the first time I saw it at school
A boy talking to a girl and standing in a pool
The longing in his eyes.. a pool of his own drool
Spit it out.. Pools of Drool

Time flies by, but some things do not change
The low waist saree of the teacher, well within the class's range
Unblinking and open mouthed,the first bencher looked on
Waiting for a chance - Dusk until Dawn
Spit it out... Pools of Drool

Would things change at college? - I start as a junior
Grass is always greener on the other side - take a look at the senior
Dusky and tall, looking taller by her heels
A river seems to be flowing nearby, everyone feels
Spit it out.. Pools of Drool

Husky toned, she asks "Sir, Can I go home? It is getting late"
She knew the dam would open and laid the bait
The nasal tone and the inviting look opened the gate
Well, I thought, Who am I to change his fate?
Spit it out... Pools of drool

I think of her day and night
This was my best chance to hold her tight
I go near her... and I am hit by a fellow
"Get Up" - Appa screams "and clean that thing of your pillow"
Oh No... after all this...
Pools of Drool.. Pools of Drool...

P.S:- This was inspired by an incident I happened to see at the bus stand :-)


Gayathri said...


Gargling Garbage said...

ROTFL ... That was bloody fantastic! The imagery and all! Leavin' behind pools of drool [:P]

MaVeRiCk said...

LMAO...Good one man...the second stanza brought back some memories to life :)

quartyc said...

u shld get rid of this habit of packing your pillow b/w legs whilst sleeping...lol