Thursday, April 05, 2012

Little Girl

Little Girl, I can feel the cramp
I guess it is time for you to come out of your hiding camp
Little Girl, It hurts as the nurse asks me to push hard, a little more hard
Push, Push, they scream; as I play my final card

Little Girl, I call out to The Lord
Prayer heard; I see you come out with the umbilical cord
Little Girl, Please cry aloud
Please shout and make Momma proud

Little Girl, I hear your voice crack the room
And off they go with the celebrations, Boom! Boom!
Little Girl, I hold you tight
Eyes closed and skin red, you are quite a sight

Little Girl, It has taken three quarters of a year
To deliver you in one piece; my biggest fear
Little Girl, I have an overwhelming sense of relief
All this was possible only due to one man's belief

Little Girl, he is looking at you now
Admiringly looks back at me and says "Take a Bow"
Little Girl, That's your father
And though you already know this; let me introduce myself - Your Mother


Sarvesh said...

B-E-A-U tiful dude!!!

--GG-- said...

Hey, good one! Got me written all over it ;)
And I can't tell you how real this fear this - to deliver in one piece... Haunts a would-be mom night and day!

Nitya said...

'brilliant' is not the word.. simply loved it.. the best from u so far..