Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well well whoever doubted vaguely or completely about my literary skills especially writing,u neednt doubt it anymore.The article which I wrote n sent to my friend for the IIM Indore bloggers competition was put to its place i.e. as expected it dint win a prize and poor friend of myn Anoop was left wondering y did I ask him 2 write?So my dear friends I really pity ur patience 'cos u have 2 bear with me and my style of scribbling.Anyways today morning precisely from 10:30 - 1:00 I underwent a self esteem depriving test called CAT.Whoever thinks ur really intelligent plzz do try this 'cos u will find out the truth very fast.U neednt attend quizzes or by heart the encylopaedia but do write the CAT.After going thru the paper I felt even more worse than being rejected by a girl.1100 bucks for having a look at St marys church.If there was a window of an opportunity it was blown away very quickly by a b'ful lady who by the virtue of pure misfortune got to sit beside me.Now its not everyday that a b'ful gal comes n sits beside Ashwin.And when there was nothing to look in the paper I wisely thought otherwise.Half the time I was gawking at her and saw something very strange.I dont know whether it came actually to her or did she practise it for the sake of CAT.If it was for CAT I sincerely hope that she gets thru.She was marking the OMR sheet with her left hand and was using the eraser with her right hand.It was so continuous n rythmic.It was a very simple thing but I was amazed at the ease with which she was managing to do it.

This got me thinking.I was always amazed at the differences which arise when u do things the left or right.Simply staing it u find so many things which when percieved or done or when ur in the left or the right zone cud mean many things.Simple way to start, in India its always stated as a rule in the book to keep to ur left where as u do the same thing in US n u cud land up with a TICKET against ur name.When someone eats with the left hand v look at him in a disgusted way.Dont ask me U know why?Well if u still dint understand Americans dont have that problem.All this has been brought about due to so many factors but the main thing being superstitions brought about by religions. Centuries ago, the Catholic Church declared left-handed people to be servants of the Devil. For generations, left-handers who attended Catholic schools were forced to become right-handed.And from then on left was considered as woman and right as man.So woman is the devil huh.Crap I guess even though to an extent its definitely true.So many things these days like wearing a watch on the left side or the right side is a fashion statement.Wat's the difference?I guess I wont understand.And one more incident I remember from wat happened in my flats.A girl tied Raakhi on my left hand and I became the clown of the moment when my friends told that Raakhi on the left hand is tied for only their woh woh.And plzz solve this puzzle for me.A guy, if he wears a stud in which ear becomes a gay?Theres some more drama to it like if it is on left side durin nite ur a gay.Now females wear bigger studs or earings on both FEMALE=MALE+GAY.This is even more rubbish than my logic.

In almost every Indian movie I have a seen a scene of the good for nothing bride entering the house first slamming her right leg in.Well I have even seen it live.Jesus christ himself famously qouted "not let thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth".And how did I forget this?Everyday v c this scene in front of our eyes.The typically shy girl resting her head on the right shoulder of a guy and holding his right hand.The real reason is v guys keep our purse in the right pocket of our pant.Hmm got it now atleast be careful.Atlast I cud decipher something but anything I do generally is towards the useless.Thank god these ppl havent taken this left or right syndrome to obsession levels.Imagine hunks like Salman build only their right hand muscles and right side chest.That wud be quite a sight.The Roman word for "left" is "sinister", and the phrase meaning "masturbation" is translated to "left-handed whore".Now when did a guy turn into a whore?So do not trust any left handed males.He might after all turn out to be a whore.Now again there's the left brain and the right brain syndrome which is the only thing true 'cos it has been proven and accepted.Wat about Da Vinci then?He cud paint with his right hand and write something at the same time with his left hand.I guess all equations vanish if u consider him as an example.But ppl have found a clever way of tackling this also-Exceptions are not examples.Ironic it is that a left handed guy lambasted even in this blog is sending shivers down my spine by almost promising to comeback.Enuf of left n right I guess.When viewed separately ur brain imagines so many things with them or even worse contorts them into a series of unfathomable expressions.But watch it in sync like the girl who did it sitting beside me u'll know it's value and it's effect.Or even better the March Past which the Army is so proud of is a smooth sequence of these two things.View them together u'll know it's beauty or else u will have 2 read blogs such as these.I guess u wud be wiser for the thought.But one thing which is still beautiful even when it is single is a child sucking his left thumb.I have never seen a child suck his right thumb so far.Now y is that?


Sameera said...

first things first,lefties are CUTTTTE!!! i dont mean ganguly tho..its amazing how u resisted from mentioning his name in this post,but did talk about him.

its good that u understand that women are evil so early in ur life..makes u prepared for the future..(evil laff).hehaahahhaha

Lord of all Things said...

interesting observations..!!

cartic said...

U ver right.. I liked this post bcos u ver like me in at least one exam. Thats y I don't leave the hall till its full 3hrs!!
Vutta davinci code maari leftright code nnu orru book ezhudirva pool ruku !! n I guess most of those observations ver influenced by D'vincod...

RR said...

I really dont agree with you that CAT tests your intelligence. Reasons for it:
1. Managed a decent score in my first attempt.
2. Somwhere down the line I use this stance to console myself of the fact that I didnt get thru the IIMs.
3. Have a friend in IIM-I who took 4 years to clear CAT. He raised his percentile score sequentially every year. In the 4 th attempt he had broken or equalled all previous test records for TIME in terms of test scores. He started with a score in the range of 65 percentile to 75 percentile.

Lastly, hope you get thru. Its a good sign that u feel bad about the test presently. Better times are in store ahead.

jp/sekar/ramji(RMT) said...

asswin - do u worship regu as god

ganty said...

nee actualy observe panniyaa
figure pakkathala vukkanda evavaavathu kaiy mattum pappaana??
namba mudiyiliyedaa

aquamarine said...

yep, I agree with bro is cleared the CAT tests in his first attempt. Then again, I had a friend who was at it for 3 years I think, and finally joined S.p.Jain. She is in the U.S now!

Btw, Left-handed peopl are supposedly far more intelligent than the normal ones who use thier right hand. FUnny, they say the same thing about gay folks. They are the creative genuises of the planet.

That which was considered normal had to be equalised with some sort of an excuse, and that got carried over generations. So there is no logic behind these so-called anamolies.

Tx for dropping by my blog.


ganty said...

dude elaborate on that comment u made on my poem

ganty said...

not a first time poet though might not be any better
but i believe in a consonance of thougths than words
try reading Madness or silence on my blog it wil tell u what i mean
(to prove a point that)

ganty said...

i can understand the frustrations of a software professional when he receives forwards
but for an Mba student,he has a very non existent sense of humor
anwyas chck the new post that i made after u commented