Sunday, November 27, 2005


Sitting high on a hilltop I watched the cattle graze
Suddenly I saw her silhouette,but she vanished without a trace
I rushed downwards on my knees stumbling and falling
To my dismay I saw her with someone else and my heart was left wailing

She always told "You are my best friend"
Little did I realise that with girls this was always the trend
Fool I was to press on the matter
Because she had warned me - Someday your dreams would shatter

I landed up with a job and was really inspired
Little did I know that something had already transpired
I told her "I really love you"
She said do not tell all this as I was not even in the queue

"What the hell do you mean?"I shrieked
It was you and only you that I ever seeked
I put down the phone with a bang
Only to feel something shoot up like a pang

Today I try to find myself and feel all alone
She is far away from me in a world unknown
Someone said life is like a mountain with many slopes
Strange it is that at such a time I am listening to Pink Floyd's High Hopes


ganty said...

beats me a song we listen to passionately really determines the method we use to deal with situations
had i been in that situation i might have listened to
pink floyd's dark side of the moon

Arjun said...

hey gr8 poem da!!did the job inspire u or was it my poem tht inspired u??? the last line of the poem spoilt it all!!!

ashwin sundar said...

U know wat the inspiration is obvious a jobless guy at a jobless job.This is the perfect identity of a blogger

Anonymous said...

you seem to have written exactly as things have been happening. it was a nice way of writing though. i liked you lots-shanky

cartic said...

Second para, third, and after that, she'z a fool ..not u !!

ashwin sundar said...

Now U have changed the whole meaning of my poem I shall be careful in future in dealing with perverted minds like u.Anyways thanx for correcting the spelling

Anoop said...

never knew abt this girl??? just hope that u were n't thinking abt '5am' incident while composing this one.. or is it 'mere samne wale apartment mein ek chand ka tukda' wala case???..

Sameera said...
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Sameera said...

well real girl or no real girl
i liked this line
"She always told "You are my best friend"
Little did I realise that with girls this was always the trend"

lol...shows that grils have a high yardstick to measure guys against and well guys they jus fall for neone who gives them a lil attention..something to argue abt eh?/im sure ur gonna try and get even now ...

November 30, 2005 7:55 AM

cartic said...
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Julez said...

Nice poem......


Keep writing!

Gowri Shankar said...

Nice transformation....

Blogger Ashwin to Poet Ashwin.

Anonymous said...

dude cmmon yaaar , either u tell us who that SHE is or u don put up such things in public for others to read ... write millions of lost in luv poems and lock them safely in ur heart ...
i am sorry to say that ... din mean to override ur privacy ... but its really irritating to read ur SHE - SHE poems ,that sound so good but i seriously wonder if they carry the meaning they r really meant to .... now u don tell me they are purely imaginat and comp hollow .... ll kick the ass outta you .... ya u do write poems pretty well frm now on , open them up only to ur SHE . "SHE" ll be really glad !!!! ...... sariyaaaa?


Bollus said...