Sunday, December 04, 2005


How does it feel staring straight into this?It has hurt the pride n ego of many.Well the finger I have shown I mean the foto it is pretty small but the picture is bigger than that.We have seen many pictures of this all over the place.Be it on television or on a t-shirt it has caught the imagination as well as caysed outrage.I donno wat exactly it means now.Has many meanings,the primary one being fuck off or in the sense is used as the best humiliating weapon.It has become a sort of a tradition starting rite from skools where it is fashionable to show off ur middle finger and utter the f word.There was this incident regarding a girl at my bro's skool related to the middle finger.It seems a busty girl at my bro's skool had been the centre of attraction and for some unknown reason which I do not want to dwell upon was named CHAMELI.And guys do not need an initiative to call girls by names and there u go in the middle of the class some hero shouted "CHAMELI" and poor girl in a fit of rage showed the middle finger to the boy.LOL the boy was embarassed beyond words n the funnier thing was the teacher in the class had noticed wat had happened.And there u go here was one female who dint know wat it was n to the amusement of everyone she asked "wat does it mean?".Well all of u at some point wud've seen something as funny as this or even funnier.

But the thing is is pointing the middle finger a show of arrogance or contempt or a sign of sexual abuse or any other crap?Giving the finger was also known as "giving the bird".It was seen as the flight of the bird or something by the greeks and the bird was considered as an aggressive cut down.Any perverts like me who have stayed in a hostel wud've had the misfortune of watching a shitting,psycho adult movie called Caligula.Oops am revealing too many things about myself.It is about the roman emperor Caligula a pioneer in perversity who shocked his citizens and those watching the movie by asking his followers to kiss his middle finger and finally was assasinated by one of his subjects.Gees enuf of Caligula n perverse stuff but as a contradiction to it the church always frowned on the use of the middle finger as a perverse symbol 'cos it was considered holy during the mass.There was that other story about French soldiers expecting to win ,planned to cut the middle fingers of all captured British soldiers in order to stop them from drawing their famed English longbow.Much to the French astonishment the Englishmen won the war and began mocking the French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French.Now the finger is making headlines again due to our Indian coach Greg Chappell.I feel he was damn right in showing that finger to the Calcutta crowd which booed their own players.Well many feel he was not right n stuff but I sincerely hope he isnt punished for this 'cos I remember Saurav doing the same to a group of Australian supporters after India won a match there.Now I guess it's an Australians turn to show the same finger at the Kolkata public.Just c the impact,when the finger viewed on a wide range it can be quite devastating and LOL the Indian team manager, some wing commander guy told that chappell's finger was injured.Holy crap no wonder he is the manager. Remember that scene in LAGAAN where Aamir n his colleagues look up 2 the skies when the umpire raises his dreaded finger.Well that wud be quite a sught if all the umpires lift their middle fingers up.It wud create quite a ruckus I guess because ppl wud be guessing is he giving someone out or is he fingering the batsman or the bowler?Even better imagine when someone hits a six the umpire wud gloriously raise both hands and as if 1 wasnt enuf u wud c 2 there.Cricket wud definitely turn into a spectacle like football shud someone try all this.

The better eg of these happenings are Rose giving the finger to a certain Jack in Titanic.Better than these I will show u I have a couple of snaps of them.Here u go.

This was vice-president Nelson Rockefeller during his speech against some Senator I guess and the next yaa u shud've guessed none other than our smelly armpit George Bush.

The finger seems to be longer than his face.But the thing that was guessed at that time was Nelson was in first stages of Dementia and so that cud've been the reason for him 2 act so aggresively.But he died 2 yrs later.Same thing can be said about Bush, but the only difference is after 2 yrs he went on to become the US president.Irony I guess any finger poking asshole goes on to rule the world.Guess Laalu shud start following this in Bihar.He mite win the next election.And Mr.Bean is another eg at giving the middle finger but his misgivings bring a smile on ur face when u watch his funny antics.Some guy showed the finger to some judge and was sent behind the bars.Well all this middle finger concept,it being so intelligent cud've been only started by the Americans.None can beat us in giving gaalis Teri maaki.Hmm v Indians scold only the women I never heard theri baapki or something.It's only that men alone use this even women I have seen some use the same Maakiii,so yaa u got it right v Indians do not discriminate. But when it comes to shit,tits n fingers none 2 beat the Americans I guess.They r the best users of anything perverse.Pulp Fiction one of the all time best movies holds the distinction of using nax no of Mother F***** in a movie but I dont remember cing a finger there.And one middle finger which has still captured the imagination is this one

Guess whose it is?It is none other than than the Great Mathematician Galelio Galelei.Its been preserved till date in some museum in Italy.Some wierdy Bastard tore off the finger from his body but it's fitting that Galelio is still showing the finger to those who doubted that sun was the centre and earth revolved around it.As Chetan Bhagat puts it the Ultimate Indian male fantasy wud be to crack the skull of his boss but I think it wud be even better if v gave them the finger.Hey dont try it even if ur even remotely inspired by this inspid post.Before u give the finger to me I'll end this.

signing off



ganty said...

its actually my theory when u show finger
its shaped like a dick
and the other four look like balls
u know so that might be the reason
but then... why do gals use it...
must be a strong sense of electra complex

cartic said...

high time u changed the topic ..if this goes on then i guess the next post will b abot condoms n next about abortion n huh.. what tha f*** ??

ashwin sundar said...

Hey wat was wrong in wat I told?I am not tryin 2 tell everything is cool n can be accepted but the middle finger started becoming the symbol for humiliation after Caligula went 2 extremes with his philosophy n try 2 remember who forced me 2 watch that movie?got it aa

Arjun said...

well ashwin!!! i dint find nethin wrong bout ur post!!!it was witty!!!ur frenz r mad coz they're UR frenz

Lord of all Things said...

maaki?? who are thos e women?? hmm me one of em eh??? huh??

Anonymous said...

very witty but plz rite abt somthing nxt time

Anonymous said...

not @all witty
quite insipid as u put it
wonder why u didnt stop earlier

noxious-mortal said...

witty dude.... you have a funny way of putting across grotesque of things.... keep writing!

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