Thursday, June 02, 2005


Another day at office.That's what people say when u ask them "how did your day go?".But with me it's slightly different "Another day at Hyderabad".Life is sort of brooding and dull here without the rush,the enthusiasm and the uncertainities which surrounded me when I was in coll.This was even more alleviated by the fact that I stayed at hostel.This does not mean hostel is a place where u get treated royally,get the best food available on earth or have damsels dancing around u half-naked thru the night.It's even better than that.U form bonds that serve as a refresh buffer when ur lonely(am a COMSCI GRAD).I'll not get too much into this.

But how many of us really did something productive at coll?Am not speakin of rocket science.It's jus the basic things v r sopposed 2 do at coll - Study,Innovate,High grades,Paper presentations,no Arrears,finally get placed.In b/w all this u have 2 find time 2 luv or atleast flirt.I c the blackboard everyday,I have my eyes glued 2 it.But am I concentratin or thinkin how nice it'd be 2 date wid the woman wearin a dangerously low waist saree.But the only problem is she teaches me 'C' or is only 'C' n ne other bullcrap d essence of life.

All of us wud have climbed the same steps of our coll or the steps in our apartment thousands of times.But how many of us know how steps did v climb?Are our heads buried so deep into the bark of a tree that v dunno what a forest is?

Come xams n its gala time at coll.U get 2 c the most weird xpressions frm ppl whom u thought 2 be emotionless creatures.The most important thing 4 an xam 4 a hostel guy wud be fotocopies.1 guy has the book which results in a culmination of n no. of fotocopies which wud be torn,divided n re-divided among all the hostel hooligans.But who cares 'bout fotocopies when ur not borthered 'bout marks or grades?Proof of this is my 70% aggregate without arrears(seems pretty ok rite?).But wat's the diff b/w a 70 n a 90 when both of them have landed up in the same firm drawin the same amount of money?

When it comes 2 beautiful gals(there rnt many in my coll)the competition's pretty tuff.V have fites over a single bitch!Poor gal,what can she do?2 pick 1 frm a crowd cud be possible.But v'd say pick 5 n get 1 free(v follow the tradition-remember DRAUPADI).I never fell for anyone at coll but I fell for someone else not at my coll or at that place(Don worry it's not kiran Bedi).To sum it all the best thing I learnt from my friends

njoi & catch u later.


cartic said...

pretty long but i did a big LOL..i can understand u wanted to type more...n that was a balance of both d negativz n positivz of colleg life ..u finali ended p ith a defn. r say formulao r was that how u led it ? u put fun in the first place of ur colg life...isnt it...after all the 4 yrs o myxperiences too im by ur side...same here madhavan said u stole the words 4m my mouth da ...but i stillthink there is more to life than the fantasy factor either in the college r away from ...its true that celibrities enjoy a higher reputation n fame than a scholar...hmm then lifez like that...what do u say ?...

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