Saturday, June 04, 2005


I dint sleep d whole nite yesterday after watchin Federer lose the way he did 2 a 19 year old bloke still wearin three-fourths.I dont take away anythin from Nadal for his sterling display.It was brilliance n arrogance goin hand in hand.These 2 things form a dangerous combo.It cud take u 2 dizzying heights or cud throw u into unfathomable depths.

Brush aside all these things.Lemme tell u somethin 'bout my name(my INITIAL in particular).My name is T.ASHWIN SUNDAR.I dint mention the initial on purpose in my profile,but I'll dwell on it today.Boy i never thought i wud b writin 'bout this.It was somethin which my friends happened 2 stumble after rifling thru my certificates without my knowledge(bad guys).They had a gr8 time once they found wat the initial stood for.It's THIRUVAIYARU.It's a small village near Tanjore in Tamilnadu.It's basically famous for the Thyagaraja Aradhanas that take place every year durin the month of jan.It was the place of birth of my father.

But y did my dad have 2 name me with a place?I alaways asked him but only got a sarcastic smile in return.Wen he did name in such a way he shud've left it like 'T' only(it has a gravity rite like 'D').Imagine people havin names Mumbai Matre,Kandahar Qureshi,London Lincoln(they r pretty rhuming).Atleast v Indians r better.Look at the westeners they even use the months in the calendar as initials- August Milverton or January Jackson.Man they can go 2 any limit.Hats off dad ur not the only creative guy around.

I cud take all the teasin n crappin n ppl makin a foll out of me with my initial.But 1 day my initial became a timepass even for courierwallas.I'll try 2 reproduce the scene that took place b/w me n a guy workin for some courier service.This is how it went
Courier guy:-There's a parcel for Mr.M.Sundaresan(that's my dad).
Plz take it n sign here.
After that me with all my gutso n my effervescent style took the slip n signed in the way i usually do "T.ASHWIN SUNDAR".
Courier guy:-Wait a sec.R u by any chance their neighbour?
Ashwin :-No.Y do u ask?
Courier guy:-I mean ur initial starts with T & ur dad's name starts
with S & ur father has an initial M.
Ashwin :-Thanx for discoverin it n by the way I have many
dad's n several names.For each dad a different name
n a different initial.U got it.
Courier guy:-Strange family.

Man as if all this was not enuf here comes the ultimate comedy or tragedy wat ever it is.A kid in my apartment noticed this initial differences n asked my dad if I was an adopted son & was T my original Father's name.This was the height 2 which my initial took me n god knows wat other adventures r in store for me in the future.SHABBA KHAIR n catch u later.


Anoop said...
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Anoop said...

hey dude.. marry someone by name 'Triptasundari' - probably then u can better justify ur initials!! :)