Friday, June 03, 2005


"Bring on the Aussies"- This is the most repetitive n the worst sentence which can be heard.Ted Corbett I guess has forgotten the significance of this statement n uses this even England wins a tour match.Come july n the most xpected cricket clash of the year "THE ASHES" unfolds.How much ever Tedd Corbett manages 2 hype it or even if all the Englishmen shout in unison "Bring on the Aussies" nothin's gonna change what has been happenin n what will happen.Aussies thrashin the Englishmen is as good a fact n as assured a thing as v know that Sania Mirza wud beat her MOM in straight sets.I have nothin against Sania but that's the truth.

All the English fans do not take ur side's recent form as a sign that they wud capture the ashes.By recent form i meant England beatin Bangladesh.This wud've made every Englishman as proud as Sania wud be when she beats her MOM in straight sets(am a true Hyderabadi).For beatin the Aussies u need 2 have a spinner n yea the Englishmen do have 1 but he turns his arm more than the ball n half the time hez down with injury(piles!).

The Aussies have Shane Warne whoz been a constant source of demoralisation 2 the England team n the Aussies wud manage 2 get wickets even thru Macgills fulltosses.To add 2 all this they have their eternal foulmouth with them.Hez a strange guy indeed.He barks at the opposition even when hez not playin.Hez already started it n is sittin dangerously fit even on 499.God knows how many more will he add 2 it?He barks when he gets someone out or when someone leaves the ball or when sumone hits him beyond the ropes.The best thing 'bout him his he reacts the same way even when someone swears at his wife.

But even after sayin all this the Englishmen r very cunning.I feel they're usin this statement 2 promote tourism n increase their revenues.Hmmmm.....Newayz we'll know shortly what's gonna happen.To compound England's misery Peter Roebuck in his highly polished way of insulting has called in his own terms n words Freddie Flintoff a chucker when he bowls fast.I mean hez branded as a fast bowler so its obvious that he'll tyr 2 bowl fast.Freddie u better try somthin else like say hogging.But rite now am dyin 2 see the clash on clay.I jus can't wait 2 watch Federer trash Nadal.Hope u ppl too watch it n njoi.

catch u later.

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Anoop said...

looks like u like Sania a lot (or rather her mom!!).. :-)
How abt sending 'Australia B' team to Ashes???