Thursday, September 22, 2005


I saw a movie a week ago.Am talkin about the latest flick from the Khan clan to hit the screens.Well am no Taran Adarsh to do a review n that 2 on Bollywood but I have my own reservations about that movie.It started of as usual with lots of naked dances on the usual beaches with blue water.Saif like Salman isnt searchin for reasons to get undressed - he is never dressed so that makes it pretty simple.Well coming to the theme of the movie - Concubinage,it cud happen but not I guess in India were like good people we are bound to grihakarya.Imagine going n tellin 2 ur dad "hey pop I have got sick of u,I think I really like her am gonna c were it's gonna go n end so am gonna concubinate" n before u knew wat's happenin Thud... wat was that a neat slap n there ends it.I donno about other pops but my pop would sure do that.N the climax a horrible one at that were abhishek looks more like a secret agent in a doc's robe n goes around peeping every hole he finds.gosh it was sick.I saw another bollywood incredible James.Now if any one critises salman for not wearin clothes am gonna kick them.U shud go n take a look at nisha kothari she wud put salman at shame.She wears all the brightest curtains, u see the one's dangling down from the ceilings at ur home.. man I never knew ramu was so short of money tearin curtains n sofa covers to dress his heroine.

Today seems to be a holy day for me.I came face to face with the joys of watchin water not come from the hand flush n the eternal bliss in using a tissue to wipe it off.yuukk.After that I walked out of the bathroom as coolly as u can get n was actin like a real pseud.My dad is sendin me shivers by threatening to cut my hair which is slowly growin like samson's.God knows wat 2 do with my dad.Me n my dad share a Laurel n Hardy kinda relationship.The catch here is both of us are fat he he.Here are some catchy one's
ASHWIN:Dad, wont it look cool if I keep that bird on my hand n go around.
DAD:Ya u wud look a like a stud if it shits in ur hand.
ASHWIN:Dad,am gonna milk that cow
DAD:Be careful it cud milk u too
God every time I say somethin I wud get hit in the butt right there.But it is real fun givin n takin very less of givin.
I just hate that term coming of age.The Indians seem to use it for everything.From the MAMI'S in Mylapore to Ravi Shastri at Bulawayo everyone seems to use it.Just look at all the contexts it is used:
MAMI:Am so happy for ritu she's finally come of age. Well I donno how ritu was feelin then.
Ravi Shastri:Well U jus look at the way Irfaan is bowlin I can tell u He's come of age.Wat the fuk did he attain puberty while runnin 2 his bowlin mark?I mean he's bowling bazookas at some hapless zimbabweans who have names like diseases n improvin his stats.N shastri tells he's come of age.It was as easy for pathan as was sleepin with men for cleopatra.bad one I guess.
N now have a look at taran adarsh.
TARAN:Hindi movies have finally come of age.Ya with movies like james n i'll give u a dialogue from that useless piece of shit.
VILLAIN(to the hero):"THU USKA DOODH PITA HAIN KYAA?" n rightly so he gets WHAM n ya hindi movies have come of age. Now compare this dialogue n the one from one of my favourite movies FIGHT CLUB.
Tyler Durden is saying, "The first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club."
"The second rule of fight club," Tyler yells, "is you don't talk about fight club."
Now u know wat is coming of age.
I guess enuf of enlightment n happy bloggin. n for all those of u who love to test ur I.Q. jus try this link <> n the image on the top that's me he he.


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Anonymous said...

Ya i just clicked the link ..and for the concubnag..or what ever.. thats y that movie wasnt shot in india..I still wonder..y dint u write ne thing bout preethi ?? n let me confirm two things here..
1. ur not fat
2. Ur hair doesnt show u smart..n moreover ur levis n adi-daaz n ur bush u look like a criminal just escaped out to finsish off a century in rape count...
hae and
y is there a hint of shit in every blog u write ?...

c i even forgot my passwd comentin ur blog... "who am i " would be my next shout if i way happy living... cartic

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ashwin sundar said...

who the fuk is this money makin rich jerk anonymous by the way?

Anonymous said...

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Vijay said...

Your blogging skills have the CUM OF YOUR AGE. The CUM by the way is the elixir of inspiration it provides to people to just fill in crap and get a lot of praise for it. Thanks Man, I think you could save me from the writers bloc that I am in....