Wednesday, September 21, 2005

lost n found!!!

Well there is nothing more sweeter than losing something n after all ur die hard efforts u manage it 2 find it say rather get it.It's like u were sittin in discrete math lecture n u were holdin ur urine all through the lecture n then the lousy guy lets everyone free n u have a that's the sort of tension u carrry along with u when u loose somethin u treasured a lot n when u get it back I neednt repeat wat i often say "Watever u try the last 2 drops are always in ur pants".wise saying rite.Even though u have a gr8 download there r the scars u cant prevent(u cant hide such scars).similarly even though u get back what u lost ur left with some unpleasant memories about that.

Well the most important thing- wat did i loose?It was my goddamn suitcase.Goddamned till then, the moment I lost it I knew it's enormity.It was not just a weight I was lifting.I had my degree certificates-the only thing 2 prove am another asshole among a buch of assholes,my cheque books(hey am earnin),my cbse certis,my clothes n most importantly my unddies.So many my's were there in that suitcase.The moment I landed in B'lore this catastrophy had occcured.I dint even have a undi 2 change n my friend quietly watchin all this(he was the real culprit) told I can the wear the same thing on the reverse side.I said wow wat sense of timing n wat advice.The suitcase had got misplaced n had moved away quietly to mysore along with the train.Only after a while did I realise it n the moment that happened all hell broke loose.

I remember using cultured language at my friends n ripe with anger I went n reported to the station master.Here's the conversation that took place b/w n the station master.
ASHWIN:Sir I lost my V.I.P suitcase.Blue in colour n has wheels too.
MASTER:Y the **** dint u also go along with the suitcase.
u have got 2 pity him.It was 5 in the mornin.
ASHWIN:I dint go sir that's y am reportin it is lost.
MASTER:wat the hell, are'nt u educated or wat?
ASHWIN:am educated a bit(err..)
MASTER:ya I can c ur a know it all engineer who doesnt know wat he does.
Well I thought of askin "How did u know I was an engg?" but wisely decided not to.
Then after lots of phone calls he told me to come back in the evenin n check out the status.The whole day my mind was only filled with 1 thing "Wen do I change my undi?"

With such unclear thinking n a temper as hot as ajay devgan's in HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM wen he find out his wife dotes on someone else.Y am I tellin all this?Ya the whole day I ws in bad spirits partly due to abdomen twitching.Well comin 2 abdomen twitching I donno how do the cricketers give the red cherry a real go at their crotch.The answer is pretty simple u dont want to be caught on television doin such things explicitly so they devised a tactic.genius huh these cricketers.Well there r exceptions 2 that also.Saurav ganguly was once caught in the act n this time he dint let go of it as fast as he wud do to his wicket but he went on n on each time more ferocious more dedicated n it was huge fun when he saw that on the giant screen himself.The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.Poor ganguly he is finding a place even in Ashwin's blogs.Bad times for Indian cricket......

After bitching around the whole day I rushed to the station sharply at 7:00 only to be informed that I had to come back at 11:00 to meet a policeman who wud be comin from Mysore with a bag that fitted my V.I.P's description.With enthu n alarm in equal proportion I went back to my room n prayed for the best .Fearin the worst I went back n to my dismay the policeman was there but not my suitcase.I was told that it was lying at a place called Maddur 45 from mysore n I had to go n personaaly pick it up.Well I was packed off immediately by the policemen into a train by 11:45 to maddur.It looked as desolete as the station in DIL SE(1 SCENE).The station master wasnt there n I was given over the top reception by the guy managing things at the station.He dint stop with that,he gave me comfortable n cosy accomodation on the platform bench.Wow I was having holiday of a life time.I curled up like a prematurely born child n even had an erection I mean due to the cold I cud feel my hair under my neck standin .

Daylight ushered in a new hope in my bleak life n to my utter joy I found my suitcase in all health n style n to top it all nothing was missing.I profusely thanked the station master n thought "not everyone are bad like me".
cyaa ashwin.


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Lord of all Things said...

gud one !!