Monday, September 26, 2005


Walking among the group I feel the eerie silence hanging over me
I looked at her face still and frozen
Hell would be better I thought
Instead of the guilt I had built up like a wall

Eyes downcast and carrying a lump in my throat
I was shaking all over just like a rudderless boat
Where was I when she needed me on her side
Fate played a cruel trick by changing the tide

Trembling hands and a running nose
I unvieled the shroud to see her strike a pose
Tears were a scarcity
But for the guilty soul it seemed to be a necessity

She was always there when I needed her the most
And we celebrated small victories with a toast
I can still see her corpse burning on the pyre
My heart stopped beating as if stuck in a mire

She left me in a state of nauseation
Only to be heightened by the smell of her own cremation
She always said no one cheats death
Neither good health nor the best of wealth

Never thought she herself would fall in the vicious circle
As I sing this melancholy strain my skin turns purple
But today as I look at her with a garland over her photo
Tears roll down my eyes and I feel "Free the guilt" is going to be my motto

Seers nor my tears will get her back
All I can do is think about her and hit the sack
With trembling hands as I finish this I still ask "Was it my fault or was it her's?"


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dai senti shift aa pottiyae da..nice one mammu..well ...I dint understand the last line ...

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