Thursday, September 29, 2005


Stumps shattered and a dejected look
He trudged out slowly his head a slinging motion
Everyone thought the cause for his dejection was his dismissal
But only he knew the reason as he was headin on a war path just like a corporal

Deep down he heard a rumble and something was eating him away
The problem started when he expressed his feelings in the reeling heat of may
I asked him what did she say?
He said "Due to something called RELIGION I have to pay"

And today he tells me he has asked her for the Nth time
But all he got was Tresspasing one's religion is an unpardonable crime
To date she has remained his true friend
But he cannot accept this and is desparate not to reach THE END

An Idiot was he made by people whom he thought were his friends
Wiser now he is realising some of them were fiends
Scared he is to think about the future
For the possibility of her marriage is giving him a torture

Dreadful have been his thoughts as he calls himself a Lunatic
But to rise like the Phoenix has always been his characteristic
Hope my friend breaks barriers - Religion and higher
The Atheist that I am I offer a silent prayer


Vijay said...

Though a Silent prayer, it shaked and stirred as I heard the loud echoes. The echoes warned me not tell you anything more, as probably it would become your next blog.

Kudos to your creativity.

cartic said...

Ithulae yaarppa hero...?..appala Heroine paerrayuim sollu.. oon heroine paerra thaan solla la...btw what happens.. next... aenda bala padam maariyae ellam soogama mudikkarae...baladic !!

indiresh said...

hey could get a bit of what u wrote well dont really know whther his high funda stuff ll get into e one day or the other anywayz one day whn i get to understand this ll post a better comment

Lord of all Things said...

"Cogito Ergo Sub" (I think I'll have a sandwich.).. hehe atleast it isnt a mix of latino and eng.. or is it intended to be...???..ergo cum...

Sameera said...

i like how ur poems r not in da face..they r subtle and not direct.and can be interpreted in a lot of ways.
keep writing...

Anonymous said...

well well well !! what do i say ???
i aint as good as u with words ...
all i ve to say is that was wonderful ...hats off !!!


Anonymous said...

How I wish u could be half as expressive as ur writing!!