Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The history and development of the beverage that we know as coffee is varied and interesting, involving chance occurrences, political intrigue, and the pursuit of wealth and power.Looks like the start u get in History Channel.According to one story, the effect of coffee beans on behavior was noticed by a sheep herder from Caffa Ethopia .He had noticed that his sheep became hyperactive after eating the red cherries and another legend gives us the name for coffee or "mocha" not anyway related to Mochi that shoe shop where u wud've to sell ur house to get a pair of shoes.By the way Mocha was the name of the town. The Turks were the first country to adopt it as a drink, often adding spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom to the brew.Turkish law makes it legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he fail to provide her with her daily quota of coffee. It was much later introduced in Arabia where it was gaurded as if it were some military plans.Coffee was believed by some Christians to be the devil's drink.It has another tale to it.The beans was boiled n drunk by Arab traders n they called it "QAWAH" .Anyone who has seen Mission Kashmir will agree with me.

Then it made it's way around to Italy were it was even Baptized by the then Pope.The Dutch become the first to transport and cultivate coffee commercially, in Ceylon and in their East Indian colony - Java, source of the brew's nickname.For all those s/w nerds it isnt the Java which u think.In Germany the derogatory term "KaffeeKlatsch" was coined to describe women's gossip at coffee affairs.Some scientist in South America produced the instant coffe n termed it Red E Coffee.Those in Chennai wud be familiar with a shop of this name in Nungambakkam n I guess another one in Chetpet.Nestle company invented freeze-dried coffee, developed Nescafe and introduced it in Switzerland.Birth of Nestle.
Question:wat does all this research on coffe prove?
Answer:I am really jobless someone plzzzzzzzz come online.

Well now everyone who has read this blog wud've been enlightened enuf n be ready to crack CAT.I got a reading comprehension which was similar to the paragraphs written above.No wonder I dint crack.Now coffee is something nice to listen.How's this for a take-KAAPI.Ya that's wat we tamilians call it.Kaapi is a must in every house in Tamilnadu.Even the Mylapore Mami's devour it.Any house u go or that matter a restaraunt they wud ask u "Sir, how about Narasus coffe?".Yes Narasus is the hot running brand for years but with products like "Idhu Bru ma" it's been falling down of late.But yes if ur a welcome visitor to a house in T.N. then u'll be provided food n then u finish the meal with a delicous coffee.Not that I am any big fan of it.And if ur someone who has come uninvited then there u go no food directly a coffee.Dont expect anyone to provide filter coffee if u go begging.Tamilians will give anythin 2 beggars not coffee.That's only for the athithi.This is a usual sitiuation in a house in T.N. esp a Brahmin household
Scene 1:Early morning 6:30 A.M.
"Pattu kaapi" This is bed coffee u clean ur mouth that no need to brush this has menthol in it which cleans ur mouth.C how v save money on toothbrushes n paste.As for people wearin braces 2 cups would do.
Scene 2:Morning 7:00 A.M.
After lazing around for a while n performing PRATAHA SANDHYAVANDHANAM another coffee this is one is as Saif says for the pressure.
Scene 3:Morning 8:00 A.M.
This is before u go 2 office as it makes u fresh n helps u to relax.
N then as the day goes one during the seista time to relieve the headache n after getting back home. Tiredness n lots of work are the reason n to end the day one in the night.This is again for not having brushed in the morning.This compensates n continues.For anything like cutting ur nails,having a shave,Scratchin ur hair they serve kaapi even when someone dies ,someone is born hey not 2 the baby which is born.That is the only thing which has been spared of kaapi.

Now not all the illads do this.But some form of the bean has to go in.So came about the make over from kaapi to cappucino.Well all this started with the launch of espresso machines.The name espresso is Italian in origin loosely translated, means a cup of coffee brewed expressly for you.Expresso is the number one alternate spelling related to enjoying the worlds most seductive coffee: espresso. I do not know the origin of this mis-spelling, but at least 1/4 of people searching for an expresso machine - putting it the right way.

Cappucino is one third expresso coffee, 1 third steamed milk and 1/3 milk froth with a bit of mud n clay. Capuchino is a similar drink made by men in light brown pants. Capucino, capuccino, cappachino?? Who knows. Well Cappuccino is named for the resemblance of its color to the robes of the monks of the Capuchin order. Now every coffe lover around the world wud've had a sip of cappucino.Even a guy like me has had it.So I expect everyone of u to have tasted it.Didnt anyone of u find anything wrong qith it? U can ask "Yes Newton,wat did u find?".The point is I found something but unfortunately not while I was drinking it.One day casually as I was going thru THE HINDU I found an article which stunned me.It's caption was something like this "CAPPUCINO DRINKERS HAVE AS MANY LIVES AS A CAT".Well I got curious n went through it n gosh I almost drowned in my own puke 'cos the previous day only I had a Cappucino.Well for all those sweet cappucino lovers here's a shock it contains cat's FAECES.I cudnt believe wat I was reading.At that time I thought poor me if I feel so bad how wud all those cappu fellows feel.I laughed heartily thinkin at that.It was like watching Rajnikanth dance on the tv with volume muted.People who dint belive wat I was sayin click here.U'll know the truth n will be definitely enlightened.Well I can imagine how u ppl must b feelin after readin that.All I can say is it happens even with the best.I feel like Sherlock Holmes who has had his man in his dragnet n is proudly lecturing him the ways he went about finding it.Well what u choose Kaapi or Cappucino?It's ur call - U can be a humble tamilian like me or have as many lives as a Cat's.
And And I am sorry I'll clear the question lingering on everyone's mind "Why dint Ashwin attend COFFEE WITH KARAN?"
Well I'll give u 2 good reasons:
1.I dont get along with guys who give the oomphs and the ouchs
2.He serves Cappucino not coffee. Now isnt that enuf.
P.S.:-ILLAD is the slang used by the BITSians and even the IITians to describe a tamilians.Like wise telugu people are called Gults and North Indians are called CHOMS-chapathi oriented men.
cyaaa ashwin


PriestysThoughts said...
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Sai (Kitta) said...

Just about the time u started writing how ppl drink coffeee like- a millions of times a day, my Proffessor had something interesting(and probably horrific) to share. I (a fan of this yummy beverage, myslelf) , was startled to hear that more than 3 cups of coffee a day leads to all kindsa stresses and anxiety, headaches and even heart attacks(don't curse me, these are facts). She had statistics/papers and all kindsa crap to prove her point . Now, you might reason out saying that thousands of ppl drink this and still are hale and pink in their health. My teacher's anwser to this is:our body initially adapts to the diet/habits, but the long term repurcussions are lethal.
My friend here is a strong supporter of my prof's argument. I am dead against it and hold the feelign that - enjoy wat u do/eat/drink, who cares what happens later. We debate for a few minutes after which, my frnd says - "Why dont we discuss this issue over coffee?". Now, this is not a slip of tongue. It only reflects the significance of coffee in our lives.

Nice and Informative Blog Ashwin! Mylapur maamis seem to grab a place in almost all of ur blogs..any special connection ? ;)

Vijay said...

Coffee - the next best thing to heaven. I dont care where it comes from.

Tom said...

Good blog ! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a Tulum site/blog. It pretty much covers Tulum related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Sameera said...

heya ashwin
good that wipro aint givin u work..cos ur entertaining quite a few im sure with ur blog..
nice write up nd research
im sooo glad i neva really liked coffee.

Anonymous said...

well well coffee or cat shit
ppl r gonna hav it.. a nice way to present stuff.VG kappi is g8 no doub but rethink tht cappucino suff
k fellas me held up here no mail access so going thro everythin

Anonymous said...

hey , nice HOMEWORK dude.. how long did u browse for getting all that info ?????
on the flip side of it ,, now do i ve to know that much for drinking a cup of coffee ? boring !!!!!!!!
what the helll .... a cup of coffee is just ...blisssss ..simple